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Newborn Questions
Oct 1, 2009
Hi everyone!
I have to keep this short because I hear my little guy fussing, but I have 2 quick questions for those experienced parents out there...

1- My son is 5 weeks old and I haven't really taken him anywhere except to people's homes (family). This weekend I would love to go to a fall festival near my home with him, as I am suffering from cabin fever big time. We would go during the day of course, and its all outdoors so no germs trapped inside... Do you think this is ok, or will people look at me like I'm an awful mother for taking a new born out so soon???
I would also like ot start taking him to places like the store when I have to go grocery shopping and so forth... My husband is back to work full time now and I either have to start bringing him with on errands or wait till the weekend, and that leaves no time to enjoy the weekend then!
Please give me your oppinions on this.

2- My ped put my son on Nutramigen formula because he was throwing up about once every 2 days (projectile). He was gaining weight and seemed like a perfectly healthy baby other than the throwing up once in a while. Well, nothing has changed on this new formula and my son is still gaining weight and doing fine (and still throwing up on occassion). I asked the dr. if I could go back to a regular formula and he said to wait another month or 2... Another month or 2 is like another 4 to 6 hundred dollars (this stuff is rediculously expensive and does not keep my son satisfied so he eats twice as much!) Not to mention it stinks horribly!!!
I think my doctor should not have rushed us into this hypo-allergenic formula so quickly and there are plenty of other options out there that would work better for my son (I have heard good things about Good Start Easy to Digest Formula). Has anyone here changed their baby's formula a few times before finding the right one??? I am thinking of just buying a small can of Good Start and tring it. If it doesn't work, I will go back to Nutramigen of course. But could it hurt to try something else??? (I will pay any amount to keep my son healthy and happy, but I just do not think that he is allergic to dairy and would prefer for him to be on a milk based formula if he is able to tolerate it... This stuff is made of cornsyrup solids and that doesn't sound good to me...).

Thanks for your advice!
I guess that wasn't short afterall ;)

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