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I'm curious how much a normal meal size is for a 13 month old child since mine seems to be eating non-stop and cries when we try to take food away from her. A sample menu for her is an entire banana cut up and milk for breakfast. A couple thin slices of turkey, one piece of wheat bread, a slice of fat free cheese and 2 or 3 animal crackers for desert. For dinner she eats mostly what we eat cut up very small and in amounts enough to completely fill a childs plate and a Gerber biter biscuit for desert. She will also have 12-18 oz of milk a day along with water at meal times and with snacks. She has at least 2 or 3 snacks a day consisting of plain rice cakes, applesauce, yogurt, etc. Is this enough? She seems to scream and be unhappy unless we feed her large amounts here lately and I'm concerned. Thanks!
Does she get upset and still fuss once she is out of her highchair? My 12 mo. old twin boys eat a ton of food! They will eat an entire grilled cheese plus a veggie and some mac and cheese each. They also fuss once I take the food away, but when I take them out of the highchair they are fine. I just asked my ped. about this yesterday. She said if it appears that the amount of food they are eating seems like enough and they are growing then not to worry. She did say they should get 4-6oz. of juice, 16-24oz of milk and some water each day. I think it sounds like the amount your daughter is eating is perfect. Sometimes I think they cry if they aren't getting food in their highchair, becaues they are trained to know that that is where they eat! Good luck and I hope this helped!
It sounds like you are feeding her fine, but they do go through growth spurts where all they do is eat. If she seems cranky then you would know she is still hungry. If her weight is fine then I wouldn't worry much about her eating too much.
It sounds like you are trying to feed her healthy foods, which is great, but at 13 months, she really shouldn't need fat free anything (unless she's on some sort of special needs diet?). Natural, unprocessed foods are best. If you're worried about fat content, keep in mind that studies show that natural fats are much easier for the body to break down than what's in the processed stuff.

13 months old is a time when a lot of things start happening at once.... she's starting to be more active, she's learning more, she's talking more, she's starting to understand more.... everything is accelerated and her body is using a lot more energy and so she will burn through calories a lot faster.

It might not be that you aren't feeding her [I]enough[/I], it might be that the foods you feed her don't stick with her for very long. Snacks and meals should both consist of healthy foods that are filling.... that doesn't mean bigger portion size to make her full, it means you should work on putting the right foods together that will last longer in her tummy.

For example, you could add some sort of cereal to her breakfast. Rice cereal, instant oatmeal, dry cheerios (or serve them with milk), cream of wheat, etc.... Rice cakes could be eaten with yogurt or cheese, applesauce can be mixed with cottage cheese or yogurt.... things like that.

My 15 month old still has three (occasionally four) 8 ounce bottles of milk a day. I was always under the impression that until they are two years old, a child should be getting about 24 ounces of milk a day.

Hope this helps! :)
I agree with marisuela...skip some of the fat free stuff, especially the cheese. Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and the fat free stuff is usually so processed and rubbery. Same thing with yogurt (give the fat stuff). Fat is needed for brain development at this age.
Stop with the "cookie" type desserts, too. Offer fruit instead! Make sure the turkey is nitrite free. More veggies would be good as well!

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