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So what did the doctor say today? How is your baby doing now? I have to say, I was a bit surprised at your doctor's reaction and advice (double dosing the motrin).

As a general rule, fevers usually run higher at night, and 103.3 actually isn't that alarming for an 11 month old. Fever is the body's way of fighting illnesses. If you keep medicating your child to keep the fever away, you're just slowing down the process and prolonging the illness. It's not the number on the thermometer that you should worry about, but how your baby is acting. If he's uncomfortable with the fever, then of course, take measures to bring it down (ibuprofen, tylenol, etc), but if it isn't bothering him, let it run it's course, and you'll find that he'll get better faster.

To ease your mind, I'm not a crazy anti-medication person, as I stated above, I do medicate when the fever seems to bother them. I do give out cold medicine to ease cold symptoms at night so they can sleep. BTW, if your doctor didn't recommend anything, you might put in a call tomorrow and ask if they can recommend something to ease your son's symptoms at night so he can sleep! Mine recommended a quarter teaspoon of Triaminic Nighttime for my baby when she was almost 12 months old and had a bad cold.... but dosing is based a lot on weight and she was a chunk, so the dose might be different for your baby, so don't go by what I'm saying!!! Ask your doctor or pharmacist!!!

Vicks babyrub or the adult kind are good for easing symptoms. Rub it on the chest and I always wipe the excess right onto their pajamas too. Vicks on the bottoms of the feet with nice warm socks on at bedtime works to ease coughing. Put baby to sleep at an incline to help him breathe better. I have a small travel pillow ($2.50 at Walmart!) in my baby's crib and it works wonders when she's got a cold.... she's slept on it since she was 10 months old.

Watch what you feed him while he has a fever. Certain things and feverish tummies result in vomiting, which is EEEWWW!!! I'd stick with a very mild diet, such as the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet, but maybe add in some white meat chicken, chicken soup.... very mild things like that. I wouldn't give formula until the fever is gone, because it can curdle and cause vomiting, and again, EEEWWW! Lots of water and watered down juice (1/2 ounce juice, 5 ounces water) are good (like give as much or more water/juice as you would normally give formula). I wouldn't get too concerned with pedialyte type drinks if he's drinking the water and juice regularly.

Sorry this got long! Giving out kid advice to random strangers is how I relieve stress! :) I do hope this can help, though. Merry Christmas!
i seriously hope you haven`t given your 11 month old child ANY cold medicine. as a mother of 3 i can tell you that every doctor my children have ever gone to have all said the same thing. cold medicine under 2 can cause death. luckily johnsons baby wash has recently come out with the vapor wash. if you`re taking showers with your son it should help you out too. i`ve used it and it works wonders. at night to help the sleeping issue try a humidifie. hope it helps. with love-L
I do understand your concerns, and you have to do what you feel is best for your child. Always go with what your mommy instincts tell you! You were obviously right on to keep giving him motrin, as it probably helped to ease the pain of the ear infection! Mommy instincts are usually always right! I had only wanted to ease your mind about the fever, as I've been there many times with my own girls!

So glad your baby is doing better now! It's no fun when our little ones are sick and can't tell us why!

LadyLindsey, your doctors are all 100% right in that cold medicine [I]can[/I] cause death in a child under the age of 2.... but they can also cause death in just about anyone.... in fact, over the last couple of years, they've been going back and forth on whether or not to take medications off the shelves for kids aged 6-12 years old! Most experts are divided on this issue. Those that make recommendations to not give cold medicine to a child under age 2 base those opinions on:

1. OTC cold meds don't "cure" a cold
2. So many parents don't use common sense when they give their child medication and they overdose and kill their children.

A [I]proper[/I] dose of cold medicine given at bedtime to ease symptoms enough for a child to sleep isn't dangerous, and might actually help a child get better faster, as the best way to get over an illness is by getting enough sleep, which is hard to do if you're coughing and sniffling all night long. I have a dry erase board hanging in the medicine cabinet and we write down every time we give medicine to any of our kids.... that way if meds need to be given in the middle of the night, we can look there and know if it's time for meds, or when the next time will be.

ANYWAY.... I'm not saying you're wrong, because you're not! Cold meds [I]can[/I] cause death in children under 2, and if your mommy instincts say not to give them, then you have to go with what your instincts tell you. :)

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