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I agree that it could possibly be an allergy. My second son was very fussy after feedings and would spit up all the time. He was difficult to burp and allways seemed uncomfortable. After trying EVERYTHING, I finally decided I would try soy and maybe have to give up nursing. I noticed a difference after the first bottle. He burped right away, fell asleep, no crying, no fussyness, no gas.......just perfectly content. I never breast fed him again and there was never a problem after that. Also, I with my third baby, I tried to breastfeed but I just didn't make enough milk. He was ok with breast milk but not formula. So again, I switched over to soy and after the first bottle, there were no more problems. And the greatest part about it was they all prefered the cheepest brand I could find at walmart! Go figure. So I would say just give it a try. I would say you should no after one or two feedings whether or not it is making a difference. It was definately that much of a dramatic noticeable difference for my babies. And remember, never shake a bottle to mix the formula, stir it. Good luck!

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