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Bottles, formula, clothing, crib,( the baby will have grown out of the bassinet within about a month) crib sheets, propper bedding for the crib,or if a crib is too big ticket you can start looking in second hand stores and consignment shops for one of the larger playpens. They are multipurposeful because they are big enough for baby to sleep in and they can move around the house. They also sell fitted sheets for the playpens. A pack of cloth diapers(they make excellent burping pads), a baby swing, stroller(doesn't have to be big and fancy!), desitin for diaper rash, a big size blanket to lay baby on the floor that will be big enough for when baby gets bigger, also some recieving blankets, baby socks, story books, a baby bath tub, baby body wash, one of those handy little kits with the nail clippers, thermometer, nasal asperator and any other goodies that they come with, also diaper bag, baby powder, cradel cap cream, vasaline, and I think that about covers an infants basic necesities. Now dont go rush out and buy it all new! As far as all of the creams and clensors, get those new. But head to your second hand stores and consignment shops. You will be amazed at how cheap these things are used! If you dont live in a town thats very big, it's worth the trip to head to one that is. Instead of paying $75 for a new swing, you might only pay 20. Instead of paying $100 for a playpen, you might get buy paying only 30. And clothes.......again, head to a consignment shop. They will be in next to new condition but the prices will knock your socks off. I recommend doing it this way to any mom on a budget! Good luck to you!

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