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I agree that his schedule needs a bit of tweaking, but I'm not sure that's what would be making him not eat.... I'd bet he's cutting his 1 year molars. That will cause a loss of appetite, and hand chewing (it would also explain why he'd be more interested in eating puffs and not the mushy stuff you're giving him).

BUT, his schedule should be tweaked a bit. I'd cut him down to 6 ounces of milk at a time, and change when you give it to him. Like I'd give him milk with his breakfast, and dinner. Water for lunch, but then milk at naptime. You can try a cup, but don't be surprised if he doesn't take it. Even when they take juice or water in a cup without a problem, a lot of kids just don't like milk in a sippy cup, for some reason.

I agree with Basswife, that he should be eating finger foods more. This will motivate him to want to eat, because kids LOVE the independence of feeding themselves!

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