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[QUOTE=nicolei1979;4297120]My 12 month old baby boy won't eat more than 5 bites of food. He used to be a real good eater but in the past week (week and a half) he hasn't been eating good at all. He will take about 5 bites and then swat the spoon out of my hand or spit the food out. I don't know what to do, I want to make sure he's getting enough food so he can continue to grow!!! He will eat puffs and that's about it.

Here's his eating schedule:
8 am: bowl of cereal & some yogurt
10 am: 8oz bottle
12 pm: meat, veggie, & fruit
3 pm: 8 oz bottle
4:30 pm: snack (puffs)
7:00 pm bowl of cereal
8:00 8oz bottle

He's not hungry, you need to loose the 10am and 3pm bottles. When weaning the bottles and the food work together. As baby matures the bottle then becomes like an extra meal. So the routene you have he has outgrown. It was a brilliant weaning schedule, but baby is past that now and he needs to drop the milk. Is is cows milk yet? He's old enough, maybe give it to him in small amounts in a beaker cup.
I would also try just finger food in the evening too. So give him his snack, then about half 5 / 6pm make his some simple sandwhiches, or cooked pasta to feed himself.
If he goes to bed at 8 then your expecting him to eat very late in his day. That can make us feel bloated and not want to eat.

I would say that you've set up and excellent routene, but it needs adjusting. Keep the main meal at midday as this is best nutritionally for him. Loose the millk, and see what happens.

Most children get fussy with their food at 2. My boy did! Try changing the routene first if there are still issues then I have more tips! :)

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