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Both my children slept through by 1month old (12-7am) although I breastfed, which makes babies sleep through better so if you are breastfeeding, cluster feed from 6pm onwards every 15-30minutes up until bed time and this helps fill baby up sufficiently for a long nights sleep.

My tips would be:
Dont let baby sleep longer than an hour during the day, pick them up, change them, wake them up.
Have a set bedtime routine wether its bath, cuddle, story then milk, gentle rocking and just as babys eyes are dropping off, your getting the 'seven mile stare' put them into bed and let them fall asleep in there bed with the aid of a hand or sing song etc
If your baby falls asleep through a bottle and wakes up later, burp reguarly through the feed.
If you think baby isnt satisfied with milk alone, speak to a medical professional about early weaning and the risks
I got into this routine and it worked very well.

I would put my son to bed and then set an alarm for myself for around 2 or 3am and then get him up and feed him.

He would be full and then go back to sleep until 8 or 9am.

The most important thing with night feedings is not to let them fall asleep in the middle of the feeding (and then try to sneak them back into bed).

If they're still hungry, they're going to wake up in an hour or so again and if they haven't been burped properly, they're going to wake up due to gas pain.

I did this every night until my son let me know he didn't need a night feeding anymore (around 1 year old). I woke him up and offered him the bottle and he turned his head away and didn't want it. He's been sleeping through the night ever since.

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