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Hmm.. OK where can I start.. I starting feeding my son stage 1 foods about amonth ago..with rice cereal.. Before that he was starting to sleep 5-6 hours a night... But since i have been feeding him solids.. It seems like he wakes up more in the middle of the night, His bed time is at 8 and we have been on this routine since he was 3 months old, He wakes up around 11 then again between 2-3 and then again between 4-5... I give him his pacifier hopeing thats all he wants and he falls asleep for a bout 10 mintues and then wakes back up crying. I pat his butt and rub his back to try and comfort him back to sleep and it doesnt work. So i have to end up giving him a bottle. The night before last he was up every 3 hours, My neighbor suggested i give him a rice bottle in the middle of the night because his stomach is steaching and it will help with filling his belly. Well i did this last night and he was up every 2 hours.. Didnt want his pacifier he only wanted to eat. He is teething, He has both his bottom teeth already and his top eye tooth looks like it is comming in. I dont know what to do from here. I dont let him sleep in bed with me. And he takes his naps during the day, His morning nap at 9 and then his afternoon nap around 12 and then he has an evening nap at about 5...I can tell he is tired and knows when its bedtime around 8 at night. So i put him down for bed with a bottle. And he falls right to sleep. Any suggestions on how i can get him to sleep atleast 5 or 6 hours again?

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