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Re: Rice cereal?
Nov 2, 2010
my son started rice cereal at 2months, he had reflux and would spit up or vomit if he ate just the formula because it was too much liquid, and he would be hungry just an hour later even with a 6 or 8 oz bottle. he started teething at 7weeks. he has always been very active, using a jumparoo at just 1 1/2months. we started putting one or two scoops of cereal in his formula at 2 months and also started spoon feeding him around the same time. hes been on the cereal for a month now and is doing great! he almost never spits up at all, and if he does its a very small regular amount, and only when he has just a bottle. he gets rice cereal mixed with formula, water, or apple juice at least 1-2 times a day.

there were two reasons for starting the cereal so young, 1 is for the reflux, which drastically helped, and 2 is because he is growing so fast, he is 95% for height and only 70-75% for weight. hes over 2 1/2 feet tall already and has doubled his birth weight.

but in every bottle of formula he has atleast one or two scoops of rice cereal to help with the reflux and it works so wonderfully.

usually he eats about 2-4 scoops of cereal (measured powdered before mixing it) per serving.

hes now starting regular baby food and has had squash so far (tried it on halloween and he LOVED it)

it really depends on each baby as to if they are ready for cereal or other foods. some babies are ready early, some are right on the average time, and others dont start solids until after the average baby is ready. some key things to look for are leaning toward a spoon when you hold it up, turning there head when they are full (not finishing a bottle if they dont need to) instead of just falling asleep when they get full, being able to sit up without falling to the side (like on a couch or chair), and needing to eat larger amounts more frequently. babies have ways to let you know when they are ready. (my son started grabbing food from our plates if he was on our laps, and we would have to take it away before he tried to put it in his mouth. he would even grab the whole plate an bring it closer if he couldn't reach the food but could reach the plate.)

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