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Basswife- thanks for replying! i have read about what you said about the formula bottles being made correctly.... i do exactly what directions say to do, so i dont think it is that. my baby's poo is the consistency of peanut butter :dizzy:. about after a week and a half after coming home from the hospital we had to switch her from regular formula to formula for gas and fussiness. and as far as the fussiness is concerned it worked wonderfully, but as a far as the gas, she burps and passes a lot of gas:eek:. so im not sure if that formula is supposed to get rid of the trapped gas in her stomach thats why she burps and farts so much or if its supposed to get rid of the gas completely...? but i was wondering if the change in formula could be causing constipation. or also, if for some reason something is making it hard for her to have a bm..... bc her bm is not always thick like peanut butter. anyway, i just wanted to know if there are any home remedies for this problem that i can do besides the karo syrup?????

CAN ANYONE HELP???? :angel:

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