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My little girl has been getting used to taking her naps in her swing each day after about 1-2 hours of play time. I usually put on a winnie the pooh sing a long tape for her to listen to while she falls asleep in her swing. It doesn't look like she is actually watching the T.V. for more than a few minutes before she turns her head to the side. I read that she should not be watching that much T.V. at this age. Is this a bad way to put her down for her nap, or should I try doing something else. My girl gets bored so easily that trying to find things to do with her is hard. Things seem to keep her attention for maybe a few days, and than she doesn't want to do it anymore. I'm afraid that I'm not playing with my little girl enough during her play time before she goes down for her nap. Her favorite place to be is actually her changing table. From there we will do a few minutes of tummy time, which she hates. I sit her up on the couch and help her to sit forward using her muscles that way so she is still using them. She tries to hold her head up the most using those muscles when I am holding her over the shoulder (since about 3 days old). My husband loses interest easily in things and I am afraid that this will stay with her as she gets older. What else can I do with her?
Honestly? You're more likely to get burned out before she does! Where I admire your dedication, keep in mind that your daughter is only 2 months old.... she doesn't need a lot right now. Hold her, rock her, sing to her, be there for her when she cries.... that's the most she needs from you (besides the obvious basic needs being met!) right now. All the extra stuff.... tummy time, sitting practice, play time.... it's great that you are trying it, and I am not discouraging it, but just don't stress about it, because it's not necessary (meaning your daughter will grow and develop just fine without it), it's just good extra stuff you can do with your daughter.

SO, extra things you can do.... my first 3 girls always liked laying under the mobile, and they love the floor mats with the arch that has hanging things they could grab and hit and the thing would make music and light up.... for some reason I can't think of what those stupid things are called, but my first 3 kids loved them! I haven't tried it with my 4th yet, cause she's just 7 weeks old (plus, putting her on the floor is scary with my 2 year old around!). You can also take her outside for walks and stuff.... I recently got a Mobywrap (from toysrus, but I know you can also get them online) and I love to put my baby in it and take her out for walks. She also likes being in her stroller, too, but I like the closeness of the wrap while she is still so tiny.

Anyway.... don't stress about things to do with your 2 month old. You'll find there is more to do as she gets older, but at 2 months old, she's still in the meet her basic needs stages. If she gets fussy, it's probably not boredom, its more likely that she wants the comfort of being held and loved on by her mommy. Hope this helps. :)

ps - as far as tv goes.... as long as you aren't relying on the tv to take over as the caregiver, it's not going to hurt her.

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