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my DS was started on rice cereal at 2 months because he had reflux and because he has been growing so fast (height was 95% and weight was down in 70%) but he was eating more than 32oz of formula and would still be hungry. he has been advanced in physical an mental developement since birth. he held up his head at the hospital and was using a jumparoo by 6weeks. teething since 7weeks. he is very healthy and happy. he will respond by looking at you if you say his name (his name or nickname, he knows both) and he can grab and shake his rattle on his own. he has grown over 6" since birth and doubled his weight. he sits up without falling over. he loves eating with a spoon.

at 2 months we started to put 1 or 2 scoops of rice cereal in his formula, you can hardly tell theres anything in it but if we dont he will spit it up or throw it up (sometimes projectile) and gets hiccups constantly, but with the cereal in it he barely spits up, if he does its a normal amount an nothing bad. he is much happier with it. hes never been fussy an still at 3 months now, with absolutely refuse to drink a bottle that doesnt have any rice in it, he will suck afew times an turn his head.

we give him some in his bottles, and then give him spoon fed cereal (he likes a slight thicker cereal (just a tad thicker than the consistancy of baby food, if its thinner he wont eat it) he gets cereal atleast 2 times a day with a bottle. he will eat 2-6 bites an take a drink to wash it down then wants more food. he will even grab the spoon sometimes an try to find his mouth with it (im still holding it of course but he grabs my hand an gets impatient an wants to try an guide it himself)

he started baby food just afew days ago, he loved it, we tried squash first. since it was halloween it seemed like a nice fit. he actually giggled after his first few bites and denied a bottle until i showed him the empty container (one of the gerber rectangle ones that have a lid, i started with half an then gave him more as he wouldnt take a bottle knowing i hadnt poured all of it in the bowl) after he finished the whole thing of squash he ate 5.5 oz of a 6oz bottle and then turned his head (his sign hes had enough) he was alert and smily for about an hour an then napped for a while.

he had squash again (2 days later) and loved it just as much. he has cereal in the morning and now baby food in the evening. usually he has about 2 scoops of cereal with a 6oz bottle in late evening then just a bottle after his bath and then within an hour or two he lays down for bed and sleeps through the night (been doing this a long time, he has always been good at it, even at afew weeks he usually only got up once or sometimes 2 times a night)

he sleeps from between 9-11 until its about 6-8am and then gets up an eats a bottle and goes back to bed for about 1-3hrs, sometimes a straight nap or he will lay with daddy an mommy an nap on an off til about 9 or 10 an then he is up and dressed for the day about noon he has his cereal an bottle and will usually use his jumparoo for half hour to an hour at a time once or twice a day.

he still drinks quite a bit of formula, even tho he eats cereal or food at least 2 times an sometimes 3 times a day. if he has ceral or food 3 times in a day then he also gets a bottle with some water/juice mixed so he stays hydrated. hes done very well on this schedule and is always happy, dspite his teething which he soemdays gets a dose of baby tylenol for (with drs approval) but only when it is hurting enough that he cries. (like i said before thats the ONLY time he has ever cried, even if he has slept so long he is so hugnry his tummy is growling, he will not cry unless hes in pain and once we give him the tylenol, he stops crying emidiatley, he knows he will feels better an it wont keep hurting as much.

i know most 3 month olds are not this advanced, they dont recognize there own names, respond to medicine before it even has a few minutes to take affect, these are all thigns well beyond his age. also he has been great with spoon feeding since 2 months, i heard they dont lose there spit it out reflex til atleast 3 months an thats another reason why you cant usually spoon feed before then. hes always amazed his drs, the wic counselor, and our child developement worker- who just today gave him a 4 month old screening test and he passed it easily. he immitates sounds you make, will play the "stick out ur tongue game" (thats his favorite) and even holds his blanky an will cover or uncover himself if he does/doesnt want his blanky on him. he can put his binky in his own mouth and is very good at taking it out.. if you hold his hands and arms, he will pull himself up all the way to a standing position with very little help at all. (you do have to help support his weight while he stands tho)

has anyone had a child who has been this way or know anything about it?? i know usually when a baby does this it is the phsyicall growth that excels and mentally they dont get as advanced they stay about where they should be, but my son is both mentally an physically more developed. he continues to grow in both ways at about the same rate but faster then normal.

just wondering if anyone has any advice or knowledge about this type of thing.. hes our first child and my husband and i are just amazed at the rate he developes.. he did this even when in the womb, he was right on track for growth and then in 3.5 weeks he grew 7weeks worth of developing. the next few weeks after that he grew at a regular rate so the ob dr just figured it was a random growth spurt. my husband (the daddy) and i both were advanced and started solids early too, but i know each baby is different and just because we did doesnt mean he should/would have, but he is just so amazing. he is about the size of most 9month olds and is wearing mostly 9-12months clothes.

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