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Re: So Sleepy
Jun 8, 2011
Yeah just take a reallly cool wash cloth, not ice cold, and gently wipe his lil cheeks and forehead with it when he's dozing off, you can also put him in a bath to keep him awake, and put him down on a play mat to play with him and just flick or thump the bottom of his bare feet lightly, just enough to keep him alert. It's hard for a couple days because nobody gets sleep and everyone is grouchy...but it's worth it in the end. You and your hubby should take shifts, so your not both exhausted. Giving him several baths a day for a couple of days will not hurt him, just be sure and moisturize him afterwords. I wish you luck and boy i don't miss those days. *s* My son had gotten so bad my husband and i would sleep in the living room under the swing so one of us could reach up and push it when it stopped otherwise he'd start screaming. Then of course we let him sleep during the day so we could have peace. My mom came to visit took one look at was going on, and said, "Now, we're not having this nonsense, time to get this baby back on track!" *l* let me know how he does.


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