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So I made it through last week nearly pulling what's left of my hair out by Friday. My wife spent the past weekend working with the baby taking the bottle. We FINALLY figured it out! It goes against my rational thinking but we fould that we have to almost completely restrain her. We need to hold both her arms and brace her head between my chest and forearm. It originally took about 5 minutes to get her to latch on but now it takes less than 10 seconds. Once she latches on we can ease up but not let go of her arms. She is taking both breast milk and goats milk very easily. We are using a silicone nipple and drop-in's. She likes her milk a bit on the warm side. Today she took 6oz at 10:00 then another 5oz at 12:30. I think she's going through a growth spurt.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU for all your input. It was greatly appreciated and I now have one happy baby.

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