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YUCK. I am so grateful for kids who know how to use throw up buckets!!! But sadly, my 14 month old just doesn't quite get the concept (in fact, she hates the bucket and I think she blames the bucket for her misery!).

So I know how to [I]treat[/I] a stomach bug, but what the heck do you do with a vomiting toddler??? I mean, how do you keep it contained to one area, when the toddler just does NOT want to be contained??? I don't want to lock her in the play yard, because that is so much harder to clean. I don't want to lock her up in her room (or any other room) because of the carpet (she just shoves towels out of her way because they trip her up), but locking her up where she'd be over tile is just mean! So what to do???

She's currently passed out in her high chair (poor kid is worn out!), but that will only last as long as her nap. What do I do with her when she wants out???

It's weird, but I don't remember my other babies having stomach bugs.... I'm sure they did, but I really don't remember!

So I'm wondering what other parents do with their throwing up toddlers??? Any helpful hints or tricks or random advice is welcome! :)

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