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Hi there,

I have a baby girl who is almost 8 months. She is my first and I went to her pediatrician to talk about the concerns I have, and he usually dismisses them and say that she's fine. It's been really hard because even my husband thinks I'm looking into things too much, but I can't help but feel that something's not right. Here are the concerns:

-Not crawling. She has really bad eczema on her face and body. Whenever she rolls over, she rubs her face into the blanket or floor. She rubs so hard that she gets an infection around her mouth and it's soo hard to get it under control. So whenever she wants to roll over, we have to pick her up and carry her. So I understand that she probably won't crawl.
-Hates to sit. She doesn't like to sit on our laps or on the bed/floor. She would arch her back and throw her head back. She would sit for a couple of seconds if a toy is in front of her, but then all of a sudden she'll throw her head and arch her back.
-Yelling. She has been yelling a lot and it's more like a mad yell. She doesn't babble, she usually says oohh, ouuu..
-Doesn't mimic our sounds or smiles when people smile at her. She will stare for a long time at a person and not smile.
- Doesn't like affection. My husband will give her lots of kisses on the cheeks and she cries and wants to get out of the cradle position.

I don't know. A lot of family and friends say she's probably like this because she's so uncomfortable from her eczema. She can't sleep very well because she wants to roll over and rub her face off. We swaddle her and she still can roll over to rub. Am I making a big deal out of this or are these real, valid concerns?

Thanks so much.

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