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HI folks,
I have always been reading this site...everything in this site though i had no problems n i always had them all in my many havin so many problems frm cancer to alzheimeers to depression towhat not! may god help us out of all this n bless health to all..
above all I feel very secure when i read your comments... you are such help tht i have none tht way,even whom I knw since ages too....

plz help toddler is 18 month old exactly and he usually has pasty poop...peanut butter consistency or whipped cream consistency sumtimes... I asked hsi pediatrician who asks me to go for a stool test..I am havign sleepless nights since 2 days.I amgoign for the test not before tuesday.Please help me people... I sthis so ubnormal? why on earth is his nto passing firmer stools... its nto runny no not at all... but yes pasty! thts the right word...he is such a playfull child! I am too worried as he already has been declared to have an hydrocele and now I cant bear to accept anotherissue..I need to guys to talk to me to feel better .Please help

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