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My 10 month old nephew fell head first on wood floor 7 days ago. He was sitting towards the edge of the bed (about 27 inches/68 cm high) when he lost his balance and fell directly on his forehead. He cried for about 5-10 minutes and a small amount of blood/light red liquid dripped from one of his nostrils but dried up quickly after we wiped it away with a tissue.

His mom said he seemed fined and didn't need to be taken to the ER, so she just nursed him till he stopped crying and the bright red bump on his forehead went down after 20 minutes of icing. We watched him sleep throughout the night and woke him up every 2 hours to check on him. The next morning he woke up without any bruising or bump.

He has been sleeping and eating normally since he fell 7 days ago and his parents assure me that he is fine, but I am still very worried. What is the possibility of a skull fracture or internal bleeding? Should I tell his parents to take him to get X-rays, CT scans or any other tests done? Do you think he is in the clear? How long till we know for sure that he is okay?

I also should mention that he has been teething lately so he has been taking baby Tylenol. I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced something similar.

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