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... to fall asleep in the swing. I have really fast showers now and usually don't have any problems. The few times they have cried I did was Orange said, just hurried. ... (13 replies)
... My 5 week old is exactly the same. He'll sleep peacefully in his crib until after the first nightly feeding. Then he'll fall asleep on my chest and be as happy as a clam. As soon as I put him in the crib he starts to fuss. ... (7 replies)
... he falls asleep but she is such a fussy eater that she gets hungry in the middle of the night and wants her milk, so i have to get up and get her milk so she can fall back to sleep. i would like to get her fully out of our room before the next one comes! ... (5 replies)

... her to sleep during the day. Does baby need a pacifier? ... (9 replies)
Mar 22, 2006
... At first, it sounds like the baby is wanting to die, she's crying so hard. After a couple days, I started learning her crying and it was very whiney...not a cry I was used to during the day. ... (18 replies)
... Lastnight I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I realized I forgot to reply to one other thing in her last post... ... (466 replies)
... ould take all day to put her down for a nap! When I changed the rules, she was NOT happy, but I swear it only took her a couple days and I got my life back and a baby that I could just put down at naptime and bedtime, sometimes she would cry for a minute or 2 and then fall alseep. ... (7 replies)
Help I cant sleep!
May 15, 2006
... p for some bizarre reason. The first night I gave him a bottle and he went right to bed....but I had a bad feeling about doing that. It depends on how big your baby is son is about 24 lbs and my doctor said that he does NOT need a night feeding. ... (11 replies)
... I always say when it some to my baby....there is no such thing as loving your baby too much....but I have seen some loved starved children. Forming a loving bond is a wonderful experience. ... (13 replies)
CIO questions
Mar 20, 2008
... rls and I will guarantee you that they do not remember CIO as a baby! They go to bed, and always have, very, very easily. There's no lying with them until they fall asleep...sure we did that the first few nights in a big bed, but not since then. They have at a very young age learned to fall asleep alone. ... (16 replies)
Breaking a habit
Oct 28, 2008
... so this is why I do it. My mom watches her on Wednesdays, and at her house she does go to sleep by herself in a crib, so lately I have been trying to get her to fall asleep on her own at night, just because I have so much to do and I want to go to bed earlier. ... (4 replies)
... you think it would be useful for future babies, Annaum wouldn't be able to use it for very long. I thought about getting one strictly for breastfeeding but found bed pillows worked just as well. And they do cost quite a bit... ... (466 replies)
... and if your baby is still crying at the end of that time, go back in, soothe him and then leave again. Do this until the baby falls asleep. The next week increase the time by 5 minutes. Pretty soon, you will be able to put your baby down and he will fall asleep on his own. ... (13 replies)
Anyone Doing PDF?
Feb 11, 2006
... s hunger cues and to feed the baby when he or she is indicating hunger. ... (22 replies)
... c that's the only way they have learned to fall asleep. ... (8 replies)
... inches and 16lbs 12oz! I knew she was looking really long to me. One whole wall of her room is mirror, so when I'm in there walking around getting her to fall asleep I am constantly looking in the mirror and she just looks so big in my arms. Like an 8 month old or something. She has a big old head too. ... (11 replies)
... is that there is nothing wrong with nursing a baby to sleep. I don't view it as a vice, but as something that is perfectly normal for a young baby. ... (21 replies)
... Anyways, I have been putting him to bed half asleep so he learns to put himself to bed. This has worked great. I don't want him dependant on me to fall asleep. I'm not about to be his personal slave. However, I do tend to his needs, and cuddle him and play with him and sing to him to his heart's content. ... (20 replies)
... ter what you do or don't do and this period of little sleep is brief in the course of a lifetime, even though it can sometimes seem like an eternity. Enjoy your baby and your snuggle time all you can because it is over before you know it! ... (13 replies)
Crying it out
May 25, 2005
... Does anyone know when they say it is healthy for a baby to cry it out to learn how to put themselves to sleep. I did it with my 1st and it took about 3 nights for him to get it, but I cannot remember how old he was. ... (4 replies)

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