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... she thinks. Does baby vomit or have any other symptoms? ... (5 replies)
Baby not sleeping
Nov 21, 2009
... My two sons had trouble after eating. They were having difficulty with breastfeeding so we had to go the formula route. ... (5 replies)
... While I'm not a doctor, many of the symptoms you described sound just like what an eplipetic attack sounds like in small children. ... (1 replies)

Baby Weight
Jul 11, 2006
... I was told 9 months to put it on and 9 months to lose it. And that is very true. I gained 60 lbs with DS. I lost about 45lbs right away and I was not breastfeeding. It came off like nothing the first 2 weeks pp. Then for a long time I was stuck at 164 and the I dropped to 152 about 7 months pp. ... (19 replies)
... ounces doesn't sound like a lot to me either, since babies eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full, and if she's not full at 3 ounces, most doctors would tell you to let her keep eating. But, for now until you figure out what the problem is, do what the doctor recommends. ... (24 replies)
... It's really pretty rare to not be able to produce milk. There is usually a reason for why we have troubles. For me it was a very medicalized birth and traumatic delivery. ... (14 replies)
... allergen formula rather than breastfeeding, but this is not recommeded due to the adjustment that the baby would go through after the switch and also because the other benefits of breastfeeding would be compromised. ... (12 replies)
Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
... If you think your baby is ready, and your Ped is on board with that...I say go for it. You are NOT harming your are NOT depriving your baby of anything nutritionally. Their primary food is still breastmilk at 4 months old. If your baby doesn't take the spoon right away...oh well. ... (21 replies)
... m sure you are aware that growth spurts are to help breast feeding moms produce more milk, so if you are working and pumping at work, then i would assume you're not producing enough to sustain him anymore. you could try to pump a couple more ounces with each bottle and see if that helps. ... (8 replies)
... It is very rare to need to stop breastfeeding due to illness. ... (4 replies)
... i didn't even start losing weight until i'd quit breastfeeding, and oh my gosh, you would not believe how fast it went after my daughter started crawling and then walking..... she was so FAST and i had to be FASTER!!!! ... (24 replies)
... I have a question for BTDT moms who've do you not lose your mind breastfeeding thru a growth spurt? ... (4 replies)
... are you breastfeeding your baby? ... (8 replies)
... four days. They can run into each other, so it seems like the baby is nursing constantly for a week. ... (7 replies)
Baby cereal
Aug 10, 2006
... Don't do it. I'm also exclusively breastfeeding with a daughter who will literally attack me for food, and so far she's snatched a piece of watermelon and roast beef. She's quick! ... (21 replies)
... but, she did eventually get over it. Maybe not all, but alot of kids go through a time where they climb into bed with mom and dad anyway. ... (16 replies)
... then back down until 8, woo hoo!! A good rule of thumb is that the closer your baby gets to having doubled their birth weight, the longer stretches they will sleep at night. ... (18 replies)
... t for attention, or because he's used to being held, then most doctors say its OK to leave them cry for awhile. If it was me, I might strap him to my back with a baby carrier while I was doing my chores. ... (1 replies)
... cup of water and gave her the juice from that, relief came that night and again the next day! not sure why, but using actual prunes made such a huge difference!!! ... (24 replies)
... however, I just ask that you understand that some of us could not breastfeed and have been quite upset about it. It doesn't help to always hear from people that you should be breastfeeding. ... (24 replies)

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