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... I was wrong we do have Dr. Brown bottles here. I saw them at babiesrus, I have not seen them anywhere else before. I bought an avent breast pump by accident ... ... (13 replies)
... Do you have MAM bottles in Canada? ... (13 replies)
... cents a piece, and 3 from Target that were three for 5 dollars. DS is 5 months old and were still using the same cheap ones. I love them, and haven't had a single problem. ... (13 replies)

... i purchased the medela in style pump. i express milk from both breasts at the same time. i pump them into little storage bottles and then transfer them to the avent bottles as needed. ... (13 replies)
... I was planning on using the Platex Premium Nurser bottles because of research I heard that the nipples are a natural shape and most closely resemble the breast. ... (13 replies)
... I am planning on pumping mostly and I was wondering what bottles were found to be the best for breastfeeding. ... (13 replies)
... the Gerber Dual Massaging manual pump because I've heard excellent things about it. It is supposed to mimick the baby breastfeeding. I wanted to use the Platex bottles because my research tells me that it is most like the mom's nipple so the baby is much less likely to refuse the breast after using the bottle. ... (13 replies)
... i personally like the avent bottles. they give my ds the least amount of air so less spit up...i tried the nuk nipples because i was trying to nurse but after purchasing the avent, i noticed less gas...i guess it just depends on your baby. i thought i'd add--i agree with kierrasmommy. the nuk ones can be challenging at times and i used them for the same reason--closest to... (13 replies)
... I really like the avent ones but if you over tighten them they tend to leak. You can attach the pump to the bottles or they have disposable pieces that can be sterilized. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I know a few people said they liked playtex and the cheapie gerber ones. ... (13 replies)
... Does anyone know where in South Africa I can find Playtex bottles? (1 replies)
... Im planning on buying a avent isis electric pump. I have heard really good things about avent pumps from people. They are a little more expensive but I plan on pumping a lot so if it gets the job done faster and better, Im happy. (13 replies)
... What pump will you be using? If you use the playtex one you could probably pump right into a bottle then add the nipple after and feed directly.Otherwise you can pour the milk from the pump into a bottle or breast milk baggie and freeze refidgerate or use when needed. (13 replies)
... I used the Playtex Vent Air ones with Kierra and loved them, but Kaden is nipple picky and only likes the Nuk nipples (are supposed to be closest shape to Mom's nipple) which have a little indent airhole that needs to be at their top lip and I found trying to screw the nipple on and have the bottle angle right was tricky so be prepared...I'd use a plain bottle with the Nuk... (13 replies)
... I swear by Dr. Browns. I mostly nurse, but when I pump I have had great luck with these. They are supposed to relieve excess gas, and I swear that ds felt better when we used them over the platex ventair. (13 replies)
... brand of diapers or not and if you go and buy a couple packs of diapers and your baby is allergic to them then you might be out of the money! I think usually tho newborns can wear pampers or huggies without problems. When I had my son he could wear pampers and huggies, but broke out in Luv's and a brand from walmart! ... (6 replies)
... asting so much money, because my DD only liked the plain old walmart brand bottles. She refused to drink from any of the "I paid a fortune because they were they best you could buy" bottles. I wouldn't worry too much about 4 oz bottles. ... (5 replies)

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