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... I did not have my son circumsised and the instructions with were to pull it back to clean it but not to force it. The foreskin is actually fused to the head of the penis and it stays fused for longer in some children. From what I read, if the foreskin does not pull back it usually isn't anything to worry about. Most children's foreskin will pull back by the time they are about... (13 replies)
... My oldest son had a very clean circumsision so I was surprised my second son was circumsised but was left with quite a bit of foreskin. ... (13 replies)
... No NEVER pull back the intact foreskin when they are babies. That can do very serious damage and is a major cause of unnecessary circumcisions due to that damage. Some doctors and nurses don't know this. This rule does not apply to circumcised infants where the risks of adhesions forming between the raw glans and the cut edges of remaining foreskin are high. The penis forms... (13 replies)

... DS was circumsized in the hospital and it went fine and then at his 3month (i think) visit it was stuck also. So the Dr. pulled it back. No one told me you were supposed to pull it back, DH knew and he was doing it, but he didnt' tell the rest of us. Anyway, she pulled it back and he screamed and screamed and hurt for a few days. We had to pull it back everytime and put... (13 replies)
... Hi i am new here and i had a question regarding my son. Well my son is 18 years old and was not circumsized and i have been reading that u are suppose to pull back the foreskin when they are babies but i never have. And now that he is 18 years old his his skin does not pull back. So i wounder if that could be fix or if their is something wrong with his penis. i also want to... (13 replies)
... I am a little on the doubtful side of what you are all saying here. Are you talking about circumsized or uncircumsized boys?? Because when a baby boy is circumsized his foreskin is cut and then the head of the penis pulls back inside some what. Since the cut is basically in an area that is surrounded by skin it will naturally try to heal itself together. If this were to happen... (3 replies)
... same thing happened with my first son, doctor had to rip down on the foreskin to fix the problem. no one ever told me so everytime i meet a new mom of a son i tell them, of course doctors still aren't telling moms about this!! (13 replies)
... This is a quite common complication from circumcision, though it doesn't seem to show up in statistics. When a baby boy is born in 99% of cases the foreskin is fused to the glans as firmly as a fingernail to a finger. The circumciser has to use forceps (tweezers) to tear the foreskin away from the glans before the actual cutting can start. In the USA the entire procedure is... (13 replies)
... KITKAT that is not normal! If it is adhered it will not detach itself. It needs to be pulled back. I have two sons and had to have it done with my first son. I thought I was being so careful with my second son but he ended up having to have his pulled back also. (13 replies)
... Hm... I don't know. My doc was muslim, and they also circumcize for religious reasons. He did my sons circ and told be I needed to pull back on it. I don't know. Maybe your son doesn't have quite as much left over as mine did. (13 replies)
... Hi, my son who is now nearly 3 months old was circ'd at one week. His foreskin is cut as such that 3 quarters of the head is exposed but the rest is still hidden. I cannot pull the foreskin down at all as the foreskin is attached above the entire rim perfectly. At his last dr's appt 2 weeks ago I asked the dr if this was normal -- he did not perform the circ but is a Jewish... (13 replies)
... I think your hospital should have told you how to properly take care of a newly circ.'d baby. It looks like there is confusion due to the over concern about non-circ.'d babies. It's the non-circ.'d you can't pull the skin back. Circ.'d is all together different. (13 replies)
... I also had to pull the skin back on my son's penis...The only reason I knew to do this was because my friend had a son 3 months before me and when she went for a check up the dr did it and charged her $95...the dr told her to pull it back everytime she changed his diaper...My son is 4 months old and I still have to pull the skin back....So I would say it must be pretty common... (13 replies)
... This is VERY common thanks to the misconception that you aren't supposed to pull back on the left over foreskin of a circumcised baby. It happened to my son b/c noone told me that you had to pull back and rinse for many months after healing to prevent adhesions. Unfortunately, the only way they fix it is by sudden forcible retraction. The ped did it right there in the... (13 replies)
... My grandson was circumsized at birth, he is now 57 days old..the problem is some of the skin has attached itself to one side of the (roll) of the penis..just barely on the curve of the head....How common is this? and how do they unattach it? (13 replies)

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