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... My 13 month old has recently got over a bad ear infection. During that time he was waking up at night from the pain and i would bring him into bed with me to comfort him. ... (7 replies)
... Your father is right about a 102 fever, it's not terribly high for a child. Your mother's co-worker is wrong though, that's just ridiculous not to worry until it hits 107. I'd say that if your child had a fever of 104 or higher, take her to the ER. (15 replies)
... two then start up again. She said that since she's on Zithromax that it can take up to 5 days to get relief. I hate seeing my daughter in such distress over an ear infection. I get upset over a little sore throat. ... (15 replies)

... I heard it was strong and I know it's just a simple ear infection not sure why they chose it. ... (15 replies)
... We are having a very similar problem with our 14 month old. ... (7 replies)
Ear infections
Aug 31, 2009
... ng one but haven't yet. But I just had my 13 month old daughter at the doctor this morning actually because I thought she was wheezing, she had bronchilitis last month and we didn't want to take any chances when I thought she might be, she is getting over another cold. ... (7 replies)
... cheek. HE said the left ear is worse than the right and said it was "definetly infected" I asked could it be wax? ... (13 replies)
... pnemonia, whooping cough, bronchitis. Augmentin and Amoxicillan are more appropriate for ear infections. Just kind of a strong drug to use for ear infections. ... (15 replies)
... I hope she is feeling better soon. I do understand your worry. Our daughter had a total of 35 (yes, you read that right) ear infections before her fourth birthday. We have been on almost every imagainable antibiotic and for whatever reason zithromax never seemed to work as well as the regular penicillin anitibiotics. Amoxicilin is really inexpensive and always worked... (15 replies)
... Ok she's finally got an appointment for tomorrow for a ear check up and to see what to do about this diarhea. ... (15 replies)
... I think the reasonn they said not to bring her in is that there really is no need.They are actually saving you the really uneeded expense.This is just a very common occurance.It sounds like your child is doing quite normally considering her circumstances.I am glad that the woman who suggested that 107 is when you treat a fever, has no children.yikes!i never treat a low grade... (15 replies)
... He said he didn't need to see her back until she got sick again or for her 18 month check up. I almost hated bringing her in there. It's a pediatric and adult place I use to go to that office 5 years ago myself. ... (15 replies)
... for a double ear infection and croup, and 4 mo DS was very ill as well, so congested that he had to puke to get it out! it has been one of the hardest last 5 days of my life! ... (11 replies)
... My 13 month old was doing this for about a week. She would scream when I layed her down, and had a hard time sleeping. ... (8 replies)
... oh poor little thing :( Just remember to keep pushing the liquids, even if she's only taking sips. My Dr. told me that if you pinch the skin on the inside of her thigh and it doesn't spring right back, then it's time to take her to the ER. Hope this is over real soon for you and her! (15 replies)
... She has a wet sounding cough now :/ Her cousin Mason had the flu and she was playing with him and they both ended up sick on the same day. *2 days after playing together* She's had her flu shots, but I doubt he has since he's over the age limit here and his mom took him to the doctor and he has the flu. Not sure if the flu shot will protect her fully from the flu and I... (15 replies)
... She sucks down fluids like mad which is good :) I still worry about her sugar intake cause her father is type 1 diabetic and diabetes run in our family. It's no expense for me to take her in, but it is something that i'd rather not do unless I have to cause it can be traumatic for someone poking and prodding the child. Saturday morning she wouldn't even drink juices and she... (15 replies)
... My mom kind of laughed when she heard the 107 fever thing to. She's doing better on her fever tonight. It broke on it's own and went to 98.5 which is a relief, but she's still not feeling well. She keeps going to bed around 10 30 at night and fighting the whole way. Now she has diarhea, but she's been drinking fluids and not eating any real food. We've tried a variety of... (15 replies)
... I'm surprised they gave you zithromax -- it's more spendy and they usually prescribe the pink stuff or augmentin. DS has always been put on the stronger augmentin -- his fever usually continues to go up/stay up for the first day and then is manageable the next day and by the third day of antibiotics he's good to go. We just make sure we keep giving him tylenol every 4 hours.... (15 replies)
... her fever is nor breaking with meds and they told you not to bring her in? that sounds weird to me. Just remember to trust your intuition and if you feel something is really wrong then to take her to the ER. (15 replies)

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