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... did you finally give your baby echinacea? I have the same question I have a 8 month baby who has been with a cold for weeks. (10 replies)
... ghter. Most people don't use natural means like this for their children for whatever reason but I do, so I hope this helps you. Basically you give your child the echinacea everyday until the bottle is gone and it will boost the immune system for several months. ... (3 replies)
... vitamin, but I was wondering if it is safe to slip some liquid echinacea into my DS's bottle to boost his immune system a little. ... (10 replies)

... s through the skin where they will go to the bloodstream and keep it free or fights any infections that make you sick. I give her the brand Herbs for Kids liquid echinacea every year around the time they start advertising the flu shot or just before everyone starts getting sick. ... (10 replies)
... on and on, but my point is that this is a natural product. My 2.5 year takes this along with other flu prevention things and has yet to get sick in her life. The echinacea will build up the immune system. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, Alexa. I remember you being quite helpful when I decided not to have the flu shot for Liam. We stuck by that descision, and guess what? He ended up getting the flu. It was BEFORE we would've had the chance to get the shot for him anyways (had we chosen to do so), so that makes me feel a bit better, but I still feel a bit guilty. I'm trying to think... (3 replies)
... Hi ladies, I was in Wal-Mart today, looking for a Vitamin C drop to give my 18mo ds, to help ward off colds and flu's this season. They didn't have any Vitamin C for kids in a drop form--everything was for older kids, or adults, but what they did have was echinacea, and listed on the bottle was from ages 1-14. So I bought it, not thinking that I should probably ask his... (3 replies)
... stores that have these kind of products available. I am from Iowa and until they recently added a "health" section to the store, things like childrens herbs and echinacea and organics were not available in the reasonable sized city! ... (8 replies)
... than most people in this regard, and most people will continue to use products and foods with chemicals, so if you want to do one thing, I highly recommended the echinacea and even the vitamin C because it really boosts the immune system naturally, better than any flu shot can ever do. ... (8 replies)
Flu shots???
Nov 2, 2007
... Here's some info, I'd post the site I got it from but I don't think I'm allowed. 1. Allergic Reactions - Flu vaccine is made from chicken embryos. People who are allergic to chicken or eggs can become seriously ill from having a flu shot (I wonder if any health practitioner ever asked you about chicken or egg allergy before giving you a flu shot?). On the other hand,... (14 replies)
... I agree with caberg. Children get sick, just like adults. I think it bothers us to look at them more then it does for them to go through it. My doctor allways told me with my children that they have amazing little immune systems and to let nature take its course. (10 replies)
... Ask your pediatrician. Boy, I would be really hesitant to be giving supplements to our baby. (10 replies)
H1N1 Shot
Oct 12, 2009
... evention by giving her extra vitamins and minerals, address her diet and water intake, lots of exercise and sunshine which creates vitamin D, and I also give her echinacea and astralgus herbs that boost the immune system. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my ds's doctor recommended us giving him a "poly vitamin" when he was a baby (I think it was his 12 mo checkup, but it might've been before that) because I was a bit concerned that he wasn't getting enough vitamins from his diet, and I wanted to avoid him becoming sick. He said this was fine. They're in liquid form, so it's fine... (8 replies)
... I changed intially because after reading about drugs used for birth, I decided they are very risky and they cause many side effects that most women experience whether they reazlie it or not. I read very deeply into it and it was what opening my eyes to be honest. My husband first read the Kevin Trudeau book and he recommended it to me and that was the second push. I love food,... (10 replies)
... Thanks Alexa:) I've been slowly switching to organic products, but I feel I'm a long way off from where I'd like to be. Mainly I just do not have it in the budget right now to buy all organic, or I definitely would buy everything natural. Everything but my shampoo is organic/natural...and I use Burt's Bees for my DD because the other stuff caused her yeast infections all the... (10 replies)
... Alexain2006, just curious...what other flu prevention methods do you use for your DD? (10 replies)
... The impression I get is that no one has any idea whether it's safe for babies. They're not even sure if it's safe for nursing mothers, so if I were you I wouldn't try it. Accutane2X, I wouldn't feel too guilty over halting nursing after 6 weeks. Breast milk has a lot of antibodies for the first few weeks, but not so many once they're old enough that their own immune... (10 replies)
... Would love to hear the replies. My DD is 8 months and 21 lbs. She has been sick ever since beginning a new daycare. It seems as soon as she gets better she catches the next thing. I'm exhausted. I'd love to give her something to boost her immune system. I only breastfed for 6 weeks. I should have done it a bit longer. (10 replies)
... I have Herbs for Kids and the bottle just says it isn't for long term use which is true. You don't want to take it 365 days of the year, it is an immune booster that you would take for several weeks or a couple of months until the bottle is empty. (3 replies)

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