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... and was hooked up with IV's and a cannulus too. So, if you have any questions about the equipment, let me know, I am a pro. I asked in your other post about his eczema possibly being caused by formula? ... (7 replies)
... My son had very bad eczema when he was a baby till we finally went to see a dermatologist. A few things she recommended helped clear his eczema completely. Now at 3 yrs of age he is doing great. He might get a patch on his leg on and off but otherwise he is doing great. ... (7 replies)
... My middle son had eczema bad when he was little. He has since pretty much grown out of it with little flares in the winter. Have you tried any prescription creams yet? ... (7 replies)

... t your sons eczema! It just breaks my heart! Your sweet little boy doesn't deserve to suffer. I can't imagine how frustrated you are. I don't know anything about eczema but is there anything on the internet that you can buy? ... (7 replies)
... what hydrocortisone cream is it? my son has really bad eczema, he used hydrocortisone 0.5% and that did absolutely nothing it was such a waste of time, but now he is on fucilin h, which is 1%hydrocortisone and antibiotic, which works wonders. when he has a really bad flare up (weeping and everything) it will clear it up in a couple of days. but please be aware that both... (9 replies)
... Eczema could also be another thing to look at, but I believe that often spreads to other areas. However, it might start in one area and later spread. I had eczema on my one finger for years and all the sudden I have a patch on my knee. ... (8 replies)
Jul 18, 2007
... well yesterday i noticed that his eczema on his arms has got really bad, it was even weeping, so i thought enough is enough, he shouldnt be having that with the health people just ignoring it. ... (1 replies)
Sep 17, 2006
... it is not the norm, but babies can develop allergies. my son's started at about 4 or 5 months, mostly with his skin, with an occasional runny nose. The dr. first said he had eczema. then at about 9 months they said it was allergy induced eczema. at 10 months he was tested for food allergies, they say before 1.5 to 2 there can be many false negatives for outdoor allergies, but... (5 replies)
... up when we were outside or hot. after this going on several months of this rash comming and going and several talks with the dr. they finally told me that it was eczema caused by allergies. they gave me a prescription steriod cream to use and it would clear up over night. it was amazing. ... (4 replies)
... My son is three months old and has been eating Elecare thickened with Earth's Best rice cereal for about two months. Just recently he had his first eczema outbreak and started having very very loose BM with lots of mucous. ... (3 replies)
... My baby used to have dry spots under her mouth (from the drool I think) and eczema. The dry spots got much better overnight when I did this: I used Johnson & Johnson's Baby Cream (pink tube) and I put a lot of it and rub it in. After that, I put just a little bit of vaseline on top of it. That way, it moisturizes with the cream then also have a barrier from the vaseline. ... (5 replies)
... Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy!!! I put it on a few times a day and his cheeks are so much better. Just thought I'd share! ... (5 replies)
... My almost 3 year old dd has had eczema horribly, to the point of bleeding like your little boy. I totally sympathize with you. ... (5 replies)
... awww....poor baby! I am sorry to hear your daughter is feeling sick. First, the rash - it sounds a lot like eczema. Has she been tested for allergies? She could very well be allergic to something. Is she bottle fed? Babies can have an allergic reaction to formula or even something in your breast milk - like eggs, dairy, etc. As far as the other symptoms, is it just the... (9 replies)
... i noticed tonight that my 9 month old daughter has big huge spots on the bottoms of her two big toes that look like blisters that have popped and peeled. the skin underneath is all red too. after further inspection, i found that all of her toes look like they've had blisters that have popped and peeled. then i found the same thing on each of her finger tips and one of her... (3 replies)
... Hi all ~ I've never used soap on Madeline's face. I do behind her ears though because it looks like carrots could grow in them most of the time, lol. She also gets really bad eczema (sp?) on her legs, so we use mild soap as well, Megss. I definitely agree with the previous poster that warm water and the wash cloth are all you need. Megss ~ What kinds of lotions work... (11 replies)
... Thank you for the tip! I will have to try this! :) (5 replies)
... My daughter had a very similar little red rash as to what you are describing and when I took her to the pedi he said it was a touch of eczema and had me try hydracortisone 1% cream and literally in less than the first day it was gone!!!!! It was like a miracle:) Good luck to you and your little one. cmarie (5 replies)
... Thanks for the replies, ladies. Madeline does have a mild form of eczema, and my mom seems to think it's just that. I said something to her about it today, because she keeps her for me while I'm at school. She didn't seem too concerned, and suggested I put some Elidel on it. We had used this once before when Madeline had an outbreak as a newborn. I also noticed that she... (5 replies)
Diaper rash?
Jul 27, 2008
... AYS worked in the past, is not working this time either. That is California Baby Calendula Cream. That stuff is like magic in a jar usually. It has cleared up eczema and nasty cradle cap within a day of staring it in the past. ... (7 replies)

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