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Eczema question
May 6, 2008
... You can go two routes with any form of dry dry skin. You can bathe infrequently and use lots of lotion, aquaphor being the best. Or you can bathe everyday keeping your child submerged in the water for 10 minutes and applying aquaphor immediately after plus 3-4 times a day on the affected areas. Do not use the baby shampoo or lotion. Aquaphor makes a baby body wash that you... (16 replies)
Dry itchy skin...
Apr 23, 2008
... I have a great one for you. I've used the Aquaphor by Eucerin and it's so greasy - and didn't work at all for my LO. I recently got advice to use Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. It WORKS!!!! I couldn't believe how fast it worked for her eczema - it's really amazing stuff! Not greasy at all, either. I got it at Toys R Us, but I am sure they have it at Walmart,... (4 replies)
... She doens't seem bothered by it. She does have eczema patched which come and go. ... (1 replies)

... Hey Delia- I was also on the July mommies thread on the pregnancy board, how's your Ella doing? My Ella is fantastic! Also 6 months and growing like a weed :D I haven't yet introduced a sippy cup, honestly I hadn't even thought abot it until I read your post, and now that you mention it, I may try it...Also, we haven't introduced juice yet. When did you do that (now I... (8 replies)
... My DS used to get dry patchy skin on his cheeks, and on his body so I took him to the doctor because I was concerned about it and the doctor told me it was eczema so he prescribed me some hydrocordizone lotion to rub on it and sure enough it went away within a week or so. ... (8 replies)
Extra creases
Dec 19, 2007
... hi everyone, just a quick question, at my sons 6-9 month checkup they noticed that he has an extra crease on one leg, all his other creases are symetrical this ine is just extra and from what i found this is a sign of developmental displasia of the hip. this has worried me a bit as when my husband was small he had a bad case of perthais disease, and now at the age of 27... (3 replies)
Dec 3, 2007
... My son developed terrible eczema at 2 months old. His cheeks were a mess as well as the rest of him. My pediatrician wasn't much help and I took him to a dermatologist. ... (10 replies)
Dec 2, 2007
... he is too young for a cat allergy but we are going to get rid of our two cats to see if that makes any difference. DH is allergic to our cats anyway and he gets eczema which we think is triggered by them. ... (10 replies)
... My dd is three months and her cheeks seem to always be red. She is also a drooling fool! I never figured that her skin was related to teething because she also has eczema, but maybe...It is quite humorous to see such pink cheeks! ;) (7 replies)
... oh kdel that must have been so scary for you and especially when they didnt at first see it as an urgent call. thats what they did with my son when we first took him to A & E, his condition needed treatment and iv anitbiotics within 4 hours, they sent us home with an antihistamine :mad: they are always so quick to put the blame on other people because they trust doctors and... (9 replies)
... hey everyone, ty for your replies, after my sons stay in hosptial over the weekend the consultant on the ward he was on referred him to the dermatologist (because they say he may have rubbed his infected excema on his face then his eye causing his periorbital cellulitis) we had our appt today and saw a nurse who took some swabs to test for excema, she also prescribed a... (18 replies)
... c I have heard that eczema can get worse with certain formulas and also have allergic reactions. I hope that this gets better. Don't worry, no one should really think you beat your baby! ... (2 replies)
... I don't know anything about eczema but I feel so bad for your little guy! I am trying to think of the things we used on our skin to stop itching when we had chicken pox. Geez....ummm... ... (7 replies)
... My DD is almost 16 months and has had eczema since she was tiny but it was never really that bad. She just gets it in patches on her legs and arms mostly. Are you bathing him everyday? ... (7 replies)
... ds is 6 months old, from about 10wks he has suffered from pretty bad eczema, just as it starts to look a little better he digs and scratches like crazy then it just goes bad again. we load him up in moisturiser and emmolient all day but he is so itchy, we have to put socks over his hands as he pulls mittens of but then he just rubs his face raw, we only have to be looking away... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your posts! Madeline is doing much better, and her acne is nearly gone. So far, no more sores. We are just moisturizing daily! :) (5 replies)
... Gentle Naturals has an eczema cream and soap. I also agree with using Free laundry detergents and no dryer sheets. ... (9 replies)
... Yes, that is a fancy name for eczema. You also need to watch out for laundry detergents. We don't use anything that has perfume in it including ANY and ALL baby products. Dove soap for sensitive skin works the best for our babe. Watch out for shampoo's and sunblock also. Good Luck:angel: (9 replies)
... I think it's a fancy name for eczema, right? Ds has it, and I only use the cortisone for really bad flare ups, but I do other things on a daily basis like use Dove on him during baths, and lotion him up every diaper change. ;) (9 replies)
... face, upper arms and upper legs. I have it and so does DH, so our kids were bound to. I never noticed I had it until I had DD. Just a thought. Oh, and they have eczema worse with this too. My DD gets it on and off all the time. Good luck! ... (19 replies)

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