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... My son had a milk protein allergy and we switched to soy. It was night and day for him. At first I thought it was just colic, but after we tried the switch along with other symptoms, including TERRIBLE eczema, everything got better. Hopefully your little one feels better soon. My son grew out of it as well. Except the skin problem. He's 2 1/2 and we are still battling... (19 replies)
... Hello Ladies, Are you both aware that Nutramigen contains casein hydrolysate, which is a milk protein? It is broken down extensively, which is what is supposed to make it easier for babies to digest, but it is still a milk protein, and if your babies really do have a milk protein allergy, their symptoms will not completely go away until you switch them to a milk-free... (19 replies)
... my ds has had all his vaccinations, however, as soon as he received the first set he developed really bad eczema, (coincidence?) and has had it ever since, but if i had the chance to go back i would still have them done, would you really want to risk your child catching one of the preventable diseases? godforbid they did and died from it, you would never forgive yourself. in... (22 replies)

Prolonged use?
Aug 31, 2007
... my son will be 5 months old on sept 6th, and he has had pretty bad eczema for about 4 months of it (his arms and face are almost always weeping with it) 3 weeks ago, the dr put him on fucidin h cream for a week (1% hydrocortisone), which cleared it up amazingly, when we ran out of it we used aqueous cream which just flared it back up pretty much instantly, went back to the... (1 replies)
When to stop?
Aug 23, 2007
... hiya, ds will be 5 months in spetember and we still swaddle him when he goes to bed, we find that if we dont his arms are going like crazy and keep him awake (he has eczema so constanlty scratches at his arms) is there a certain age when i should stop this?? i dont want to inhibit his growing or anything but its the only way dh and i can get a little sleep (he still wakes 3-4... (7 replies)
Aug 17, 2007
... but he has severe eczema and alot of things that touch his skin make it worse, including the stuff the dr's are giving us. ... (2 replies)
... i really do feel like a first time mum all over again,, with dd everything was sooo different, she slept through the nights from 5 weeks old and has only ever been ill once. well ds is 18 weeks old and he still doesnt sleep through, but for the past couple of nights he has been really easy to get him back to sleep without feeding him. we still swaddle him cause he throws his... (3 replies)
... You go girl! (have i mentioned this week how much I dislike doc's who blow us off?) (1 replies)
... Be careful, my dd had it that early and wound up having eczema and still does. My others didnt have diaper rashes till they started teething so it was odd that she did. ... (4 replies)
... Kellie mentioned detergent... I only use "All free and clear ". Plus don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Wipe out your dryer and stop using the sheets if you can part with them. I never knew they were so drying until the pediatric derm told me so. Uou asked about formula, check with your Dr first, but I switched to soy, which helped A lot! Once he was a year,... (18 replies)
... My son and I have done the allergist and dermatologist thing.. we were tested for oral, environmental, and contact allergens. At 2 my son was too young for a positive result on the tests.. He will be five soon and then we can have him retested. However we kept a log and were able to identify what things trigger bad reaction by only introducing one new food or lotion or item... (18 replies)
... I still have to bathe my son nightly, he looks like pig pen from Charlie Brown at the end of every day. I am just very vigilant about putting lotion and his medicated cream on every time. NEVER use bubbles in the bath either, they can be very drying. I have to get on my husband for that one, he loves to add bubbles to their bath! (18 replies)
... wow yano i completely forgot it could be due to the formula! i will definately try him on a new one, what brands would you recomend? we have a 3 yr old girl and just kinda took everything for granted, if it was ok for her it would be ok for him :rolleyes: with the bath thing, i used to bathe him every three days but have changed it to once a week, is that still too much?... (18 replies)
... HA! HA! We all forget so easily because we have what I like to call, "baby brains...." :dizzy: (18 replies)
... I also had a brain fart and forgot to mention the whole allergy thing. My son has a milk allergy and when went on soy milk, cleared up considerably. We saw a pediatric dermatologist and it was a HUGE help. (18 replies)
... Thank you all for your replies. You are so very helpful!!!!!!! We have been very lucky. She has only had one patch on the back of her thigh the size of a quarter and a small spot on the top of her foot the past year. It hasn't been until this weekend that it has spread. I was silly to think that a baby sunblock would be sensitive enough. She now has it on her arms and... (8 replies)
... Yes.. if the child has a contact allergy to a component.. I have an allergy to propylene glycol and it is in almost all lotions. You should look into skin testing for contact allergens. Dermatologists and allergist both do this.. though allergist cover more allergens in there test. I have Exzyma and Rosecea. I know how painful flare ups can be. (8 replies)
... It could be. My step-daughter has this and when she was small it was really bad. Anything on her skin except certain lotions would make it a lot worse. Do you use or have you looked into sensitive skin types of sun screen? (8 replies)
... hey now advise that you only make bottles up when you need them which we have been doing. so far he has been back to the hospital 2 times has pretty bad bouts of eczema and has allergies to alot of things. ... (5 replies)
... It could also be eczema. Call your ped. I am sure it is nothing serious, alot of babies get it, some worse than others. (3 replies)

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