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Sun Babies
May 25, 2007
... What are the mommies doing to keep there babies out of the sun, and still being able to go outside? DD is 4 1/2 months, and I'm following the Docs orders of no sunscreen till 6 months. Now thats the weather is finally warmed up and the sun is out, it's hard to keep the sun off babies skin. It's too hot for the long sleeves and pants, but I don't want her skin exposed. Other... (5 replies)
Clenched Fists
May 15, 2007
... I agree with Xin. I too had to the whole neck gross thing going on. My DD almost 3 now has eczema and man she had it at birth. Dr found it odd but she did. They usually dont get it till like 5 weeks. Well she had it and the neck was bad as well. ... (8 replies)
... d him. When he went on formula, I had to use soy. His crankiness seemed to go away as well as the runny nose and constant ear infections. He also has terrible eczema and dry skin all over. When on the soy, his skin seems much much better. He is now 2 and the allergy isn't as bad now and he can drink milk. Hope this helps!! ... (6 replies)

... yep classic temper tantrum to me too. She needs to be consistant and I'm sure since she is pregnant that she isnt do it. she needs time with her new baby and maybe you can offer to take her oldest. Kids act different wehn brought into a different enviroment. He might be upset that there is something going on her doesnt quite get yet. But as far as those tantrums well she... (3 replies)
Apr 19, 2007
... didnt because she has eczema but i still use it on her as well and my 9month old now. ... (5 replies)
... i agree with mkgbrook. I have a dd2yr 9months that has eczema and well anything that touches her skin she gets a hive from. Looks like a big circle of a rash. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I had a constipation issue with my son which began at around 4 months along with eczema. He was nursed, but at birth was in the NICU with an infection. He was on antibiotics for 10 days. His poops were fine until 4 months and after 1 week of no poop, I began to worry. My mother had a book on probiotics and it was a God send. I took probiotics and bought an infant one... (6 replies)
... Hi, It sounds like maybe your child has cradle cap and eczema. My children had the same thing, I sympathize with you. There is a link between cradle cap and biotin. Biotin is made by the good bacteria in the intestines so it is possible that your child is not making enough biotin on her own. You could talk to your doctor about vitamin b supplementation and probiotics. There... (1 replies)
Dry skin!
Mar 16, 2007
... My son has very bad eczema all over his body. ... (5 replies)
Dry skin!
Mar 15, 2007
... Saw this skimming the boards; sounds like eczema. Both of my daughters had this when they were young. They out grew it as most do. I used to use vaseline. It will help keep it moisturized and when out in the cold, protect their face from the wind. Not really alot you can do. My oldest had it extremely bad, her face looked like she had tomato sauce all over it!! Really! It was... (5 replies)
... I asked my dr. about this illness all the time. Roughly what she said was Yes in order to become "immune" is to be exposed. 2nd exposer isnt "as" bad BUT the body works to fight it faster. Example; 2nd time around with same exact cold that Granda brought to your house(;) ) lets say...;) ... Ok so now the body knows this particular virus and will attack with it's... (13 replies)
Rubbing head
Dec 6, 2006
... ssy or showing any signs of any other illness that we can tell. Her babysitter wondered if she is in pain and this is the only way she has of showing it. She has eczema and her scalp has been dry and flakey since birth, but it is greatly improved in the last month but her rubbing is getting worse. Any ideas? ... (2 replies)
... hows the June babies doing so far? since then my DD has had craddle cap, eczema, rashes, pneumonia, fevers and now seperation anxiety since her DM went back to work. Thiers been alot of stress and sleepless nights, but when our DD is playfull some days it makes it all worth while. We love her to death. (10 replies)
... they make a baby ALL that is half the price of baby Dreft. that is what we used when my son was younger. now he has really bad eczema, so we use ALL clear on all our clothes and linens to try to avoid any reactions to towels, etc. it has no perfumes or dyes. and it works just as well as the baby ALL. so i think that would be fine, but just to avoid possible skin reactions i... (9 replies)
... They were all red like an allergic reaction. Maybe yours is eczema? (6 replies)
... QT- Are DS are going through the exact same thing!!! and I'm at the point of being REALLY frustrated! I stopped B/F about 5 weeks ago as I couldn't produce a sufficient amount for both of them. so then I put them on Isomil as directed by my Ped. B/C she felt that dairy would bother them. They started to get really gassy and constipated for about three days and then it went... (5 replies)
... Like dizzygirl, our DS has eczema (mild) but our ped suggested only two short baths a week in the begining which was also in the winter time. At DS 6 month appointment (April) his ped gave the okay for 3 baths a week. We have been doing just fine with that. (11 replies)
... I always bathed ds every day. I couldn't imagine not! He loved it, and he had eczema. The ped. dermatologist told me that bathing them every day is good for dry skin, as long as the bath is very short. He said that it softens the skin, making it much easier to absorb lotion, so that's what I did. He also seemed to have at least 1 explosive diaper a day, so I think he really... (11 replies)
... My DD had the same thing and my doctor said it was eczema and perscribed a hydrocortisone cream for her and it cleared up in one day.. ... (5 replies)
... Ds has eczema too, and I used to use Stelatopia cream from Mustela, but at 20 bucks a tube, I decided to try Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, and it had worked the best so far. It's only 4 dollars a tube, and works better then the cortisone! (9 replies)

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