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... I know this sounds weird but I actually get eczema in my ear canal from time to time, it gets itcy. Could he get the same thing? ... (4 replies)
Babys and eczema
Feb 20, 2006
... I used the hydrocortisone and the RX, its fine now, went away after about 3 months, hes now 6 (7 replies)
Babys and eczema
Feb 18, 2006
... i use perfume free and dye free fabric softners now and after i was his clothes in the dreft, i rerinse one more time so the perfumes are all out (7 replies)

Babys and eczema
Feb 16, 2006
... I also use hydrocortisone cream on my daughter amd myself for excema. It's wonderful isn't it?! I've not heard of any link to cancer, but excessive use can cause the skin to thin. However, the percentage dose in the cream for babies is tiny and is no problem at all. You should just use a small amount and stop once the patch of excema has cleared up. Don't use it as a... (7 replies)
... My 3 month DS has recently been put on Neocate for a milk protein allergy. It's been a long road of gas, chronic nasal congestion, and eczema. When we first switched to Nutramigen he got better for about 2 weeks and then everything started again. Now we have been prescribed Neocate along with an antihistamine/decongestant. I am really scared that this will be a temporary fix... (1 replies)
... Also her eczema has started to get a bit wirse im using aqueous cream. ... (466 replies)
... I wanted to read before responding lol I am glad I am not the only one who does not bathe the kids every day lol, my dd is 5 and has real bad eczema. my ds is almost 6 months. I try every other night, mostly with dd, til she goes to school, my ds is every 3 days, unless he gets real yucky, or pees or poops on himself lol, I mean out of the diaper lol, I just wash with a rag... (12 replies)
... Ds has it too. He has eczema so we use cortizone every now and then. ... (5 replies)
Dry scalp
Dec 13, 2005
... I guess it could be a few things. It may be cradle cap, or just dry skin. Our son has eczema, so he has a few dry patches around there too. I was told to use dove, and not the usual baby stuff like Johnson and Johnsons, because it's too perfumey and drying. I'm actually surprised they sell the stuff after hearing from so many people how bad it is. Anyway, try rubbing some... (6 replies)
Nov 10, 2005
... I would take him to an allergist. Your pediatrician should have a recommendation for you. I am nervous about my son too, he has bad eczema, and allergies run in my family. Be REALLY careful about introducing new foods, and maybe hold off on some for a while. I'll be thinking about your little one! Carrie (8 replies)
... Yes it can. But have it checked by the doctor, because rashes are so tricky. (8 replies)
... They Aveeno cleanser and lotions both make my son break out in the bumps and hives. (8 replies)
... I don't know if you're looking for lotion or shampoo but we've been using the Aveeno Baby shampoo since the start and I'm very impressed with it. It's supposed to be soap-free and hypoallergetic. It has a little fragrance but it's light not overpowering. It must be pretty mild because the other day I accidently, (I felt so bad) got some right in his eye and he never even... (8 replies)
... I think all of their formulas are ultra sensitive. I use the bar on myself and the liquid for my son. So I just use the regulare stuff. (8 replies)
... Rouge, how od is ur son? For the Cetaphil, I went to the product website which mentioned "ulta gentle cleanser". I wasn't sure if the "ultra gentle" was referring to a specific type or if it was just a description of their cleanser. Do u just use the regular cleanser, ie, bottle does not say "ultra mild" by the name? (8 replies)
... Hi all, Hope you are all well. We have our own problems to deal with and now it looks like we may have to deal with this bird flu epeidemic which has really worried me with a baby. l am so mad l have been typing this message for 15 minutes and then l pressed something and it liked disapperaed so know l am having to retype ! :( im sooo mad) Anyway, cradle cap has got... (466 replies)
... ould scrub it and it would come off but it just got stuck in her hair. We used a product by "Gentle Naturals" It is especially for Cradle cap. They also make a eczema baby cream, baby itch relief, and a tummy soother. I used it each time I gave her a bath and it has pretty much gone away. ... (466 replies)
... Sounds like the beginning of eczema to me. DS had it happen that way right around 8 months of age. It's worse once the weather starts to get colder. ... (7 replies)
... My son is 12 weeks, and for the last 2, he has has a rash, the the doctors told me was really bad dry skin. It turns out to be eczema. It's nasty! But just FYI, the night time lotions all have a lot of fragrance ion them, it could definitely be irritating. (7 replies)

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