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... Hi everyone, Okay, I've had one particular issue for awhile now, and I know I was THINKING of asking the question, but I don't believe I actually did, so please forgive me if you've seen this question on the board before! It's about roughness. My now 10mo ds is SO rough with our cats, and his cousins (who are both younger than him, however my nephew who is almost 8 mo, is... (4 replies)
... I totally agree with skinamarinka and will admit that I don't understand why anyone wouldn't breastfeed BUT I grew up with a mom who boarded on Laleche League practices (I am so different from her!!!). I am also from Canada where we get a 1 year mat leave (although I am not able to take full advantage of that). I have no idea how to help with engorgment when you aren't... (5 replies)
... I pumped for 7 months with my first...not a preemie...just a pain to feed and never able to latch due to stress at birth etc. Congrats on pumping this long...sure beats the price of formula!!! I assume you are returning to work and want to stop pumping for that reason??? Anyway, like other posters I have my own methods of how to prevent engorgment. I did some research and... (7 replies)

... I exclusively BF, and for the first 3 months, I used the medela manual pump, mainly for comfort due to engorgment. Once I was working a day here and there, I borrowed from a friend ( and bought new replacement parts of course) the medela pump in style. What a difference! I produced sooo much more milk. Also, the manual one seemed to always be losing suction. After a while, and... (10 replies)
... i used the cabbage leave and i felt better withen hours! (6 replies)
... Thanks for all the responses. So far the pain is lessening, I'm only on day 3 cold turkey. I can't sleep on my side or stomach (its like being pregnant again). The cold compress has helped the most with pain. I haven't got to the store to buy cabbage, but maybe this afternoon. My DS is a turkey! I can't nurse him even once a day b/c the moment I do.....out with the... (6 replies)
... I agree with everyone. You can also get the gel bra pad insert thingies at Babies R Us or Toys R Us. You put them in the fridge or freezer, then in your bra, I like them, they are covered with a thin cloth also, so they don't get condensation as they warm up, which leaves you with a wet bra. The only thing I don't agree with, because it's worked for me, is while you are... (6 replies)
... In addition to the advice already given, I was also told not to let the warm water in the shower run on my breasts, as heat will prolong the engorgement. Ice (or bags of frozen blueberries, peas or whatever you have) helps when it gets unbearable. (6 replies)
... Shes' right...I never heard of using cabbage leaves...but it totally makes sence! Cold compress is what you need to relieve that pain.And it is pain! I thought it would never end.It does.But definetly do not pump,or express in any way!It will only prolong the engorgement.Just bear with it.It took me about 2-3 weeks to finally have my boobs back...well not my original boobs... (6 replies)
... Cabbage!!! lol, I know this will sound really wierd but it works! Take cabbage leaves (cold from the fridge feels better!) and crack the viens in the leaves a little bit, then put the leaves inside your bra, kinda cupping your breats. I know it's sounds strange but it works! It dried up my milk in less then a week and really helped with the engorgement. (6 replies)
... I stopped nursing to go back to work full time. The engorgement is killing me. I was told not to pump, use heat compress, or anything. Just wear a tight bra. My question to all - I can feel hard lumpy milk ducts inside my breast. They are killing me. How do I know if they are infected? Am I sure to end up with an infection? And any advice on how to releave the pain and... (6 replies)

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