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... I know everyone hates CIO, but I truly believe that some babies NEED to blow off some steam before falling asleep. My DD became literally IMPOSSIBLE to put to bed at one point. ... (9 replies)
... I feel, today, that I can definately interject a lot to this discussion as a mother of 2 boys who both have challenged me at bed time. ... (8 replies)
Sleep Question
Jan 17, 2007
... on his tummy. When I burp him and he is asleep, he seems so content. I go back to bed with him on me and he will easily sleep for 4 hours or more. ... (17 replies)

... way you described and ever since i have always thought how i don't want that to happen to me! although i never dropped him, i did have problems with my older ds falling off the bed. thank God he was always ok. ... (10 replies)
2 questions
Sep 15, 2005
... my son feel out of my bed when he was a baby i know the feeling but i keep her in the middle of me and hubby now nuthing to do about the thread but on the story of falling out of bed when my son was one he loved when his father would throw him on the bed i was cleaning one day and there were no sheets one my bed my husband came in the house like a monster chased ds down... (9 replies)
... Actually, Ava is going through an independent phase right now, and seems to actually sleep better on her own. She almost always ends up in bed with us in the early morning, but not falling asleep with her in kind of lonely. ... (9 replies)
... ly to have her back in our bed, about a week ago we said that enough your a big girl now you need to sleep in you own room in you own bed, we took the slide side off the cot so she could get in on her own and did not feel trapped in by the cot bars. ... (11 replies)
... or I keep expecting Kaden to wake up to eat any minute so that is what is preventing me from just falling asleep. But I took naps whenever I could this weekend and slept in twice when DH was home to take care of the kids, so that little bit of extra sleep helped. ... (466 replies)
... Kailey sleeps in bed with us off and on. She always falls asleep in our arms or in bed with us, then I try to put her in the bassinet. Somtimes I'am sucsessful, other times she ends up back in bed with me. ... (43 replies)
Holding My Baby
Nov 1, 2006
... ssed around like a party favour by her grandparents and its VERY tiring for the baby too. I started very early making sure my baby could sleep by herself in her bed and not by falling asleep in someone's arms. ... (22 replies)
Hi March moms
May 23, 2005
... Sorry I dropped off the planet you guys. As we all know with new babies it is very time consuming. I hope that all of you are doing well. ... (8 replies)
... as obvious he was tired a bit earlier than normal but I would hold him off by getting his cereal ready, feeding him and bathing him and when he finally did go to bed he fell asleep pretty much as soon as I layed him down and he slept longer. ... (466 replies)
... there for bout half hour, then move him to his own bed, wakes up 10 minutes later, finally I was sooooo tired, that I put him back to nurse, and let him stay in bed with me just so I could sleep. I have him in a long sleeve sleeper, with 2 receiving blankets swaddled around him, he likes to be warm at night. ... (10 replies)
... Joanne, going back to your previous posts about hair and face conditions! you know how l mentioned my hair falling out every where and l was getting really depressed about it as it was so visible? ... (466 replies)
... and he can grab and shake his rattle on his own. he has grown over 6" since birth and doubled his weight. he sits up without falling over. he loves eating with a spoon. ... (2 replies)
... Trooper is right. First off why would you make a baby cry it out at age 3 months? ... (9 replies)
... get rid of it but no luck. I also bought Huggies Supreme diapers so we do not have to change him at night. We have even tried making a bottle and feeding him in bed so he would go back to sleep quicker. It didn't really work though. And one time DH was done feeding DS and was still holding the bottle and feel asleep. ... (26 replies)
... little swollen glands all along the back of her neck and by her ears. They have been there for going on 2 weeks. Are they swollen because she has been fighting off this illness? ... (1 replies)
... re matter of fact. Pick up, stand by crib, shh shh and rock for a few minutes, set back into crib etc... I would not change her, feed her, or bring her into your bed if you are looking to get her to sleep in her crib on her own. I also agree with the PPer who said that she prob. does not know how to put herself to sleep. ... (8 replies)
Sleep Question
Jan 18, 2007
... sounds very similar, except for the swaddling. She was kicking it off so furiously at about 2 weeks that we stopped doing it. ... (17 replies)

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