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... I highly disagree with your doctor! You child should not be eating solids until a minimum of 5 months old! ... (8 replies)
... Hello I am watching a baby that is turning 5 months old soon. My problem with him is he seems to want his formula every 2 hours. His parents feed him cereal and fruit in the morning and veggies and cereal at night. I am pretty sure when they start solids they shoud take bottles every four hours. ... (4 replies)
... months are not going to be easy. I have a 16 months old now, when she was 2 months old we would keep thinking she is hungry and yes she would drink the bottle and it would make her quite for an hour or so but that was not the problem. ... (5 replies)

... d every time she sees a spoon. So we try distracting her and sneaking some in and she eats it but she gets very fusterated that we keep feeding her. She loves to feed herself and has no problems taking food that way. ... (1 replies)
... hours at night since he was 3 months old. He is a formula baby, unfortunatly I had to quit breastfeeding early due to medication I was on. ... (13 replies)
... It depends how big is your baby for his age and if he looks like ready for it. ... (5 replies)
... If he is full, he turns his mouth away from the bottle and I dont force feed him coz he just spit it out. Also, they'll vomit if you overfeed them. ... (2 replies)
... thing I do now is swaddle her. Yes, my almost 8 month old is still swaddled. I don't care. She went unswaddled from about a month and a half to 5 months old, however, just like you, it took me HOURS to get her to settle down otherwise because she just.. would.. not.. stay.. still!! ... (6 replies)
... my baby did the same thing right after we brought her home. I must have called the Doctors office a million times. ... (7 replies)
... in the early evening. Then play for a while before having a milk feed before bed. I'm not saying this will work, but sometimes around this time babies are getting more hungry and so waking because of that. ... (3 replies)
... (10 replies)
... I have a 5 month old daughter and I am having trouble feeding her the same time every evening, so some evenings she doesn't eat her rice cereal. ... (8 replies)
... my dd is 4.5 months old and she is pretty much on a schedule of having her last bottle at 7pm and in bed around 8pm and first bottle around 7am.... ... (9 replies)
... I am a new mom of 5 month old Mason. I really don't know where to start so I am just going to jump into it. Mason is a VERY good baby. ... (10 replies)
... Personally I think 5 months is a little young for yogurt. I'd double check with the doctor first. ... (5 replies)
... Hmmm...DS is 5 months old and has protein sensitivities (I guess that's the best word choice for it). Anyway he is on hypoallergenic formula (Nutramigen) and gets 6.5oz ever 4 hours during the day. The total is 26oz per day. He also gets 6.5tsp oatmeal in most of his bottles (I may miss 1 a day) to help control reflux. But, you shouldn't add cereal to the bottle without... (3 replies)
... How old is your baby? ... (7 replies)
2 Questions
Oct 28, 2005
... desserts..all baby food in a jar.she still has no teeth!!! She is 8 months old. She drinks juice during the day too. I have a feeding guide..I hope it is alright to post here. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, my baby is the same age and sleeps through the night, sometimes she would wake up once. ... (6 replies)
... This is sort of approximate. Every child is different, so your baby may need more or less wake time between naps. ... (7 replies)

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