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... She wasn't drinking enough milk during the day and was still waking at night. So I cut out her solids completely until I got a handle on her milk intake. She was only getting about 18oz a day. ... (1 replies)
... Sounds like a growth spurt to me. Babies tend to have one around 6 months. I'd up the amount of jar food per feeding, not the amount of feedings. At 6 months they should have 3 feedings of food. Does she seem hungry after her 2 tbs of food? ... (5 replies)
... solids at 4 months' time. I tried, he cried, he spit and choked and finally I gave up. Tried again at 5 months and stopped again till he was almost 6 months. He was a horrible eater all along, still is and ate purree and soft foods till he was almost 18 months old. ... (6 replies)

... My exclusively breastfed dd slept through the night from 2 months to 5 months. At 5 months she began to wake up hungry, which I took as a sign to start her on solids. ... (5 replies)
... i was told that i could start feeding my baby the baby cereal at 4 months..but the books i have read say 6 months...they say they have to be able to hold their head up with little or no support and be able to swallow and stuff like that but he is 3. ... (4 replies)
... Well DS turned himself from back to tummy in his crib this morning. I was at work and DH put him back in his crib while he took a shower. Hubby said when he went back in there DS was on his tummy. ... (12 replies)
... I think this varies with each baby and dr. My boys started on cereal at 4 months and are starting on baby food at 6 months. However, some drs say cereal 6 months and baby food at 7 months. Hope this helps!! ... (2 replies)
... DD is 5 months and is STILL not sleeping through the night. I see other posts where the baby was sleeping fine and now is up at night around 5 or 6 months, but DD wakes up hungry EVERY NIGHT! ... (3 replies)
... i started giving my older daughter cheerios and tiny bites of crackers at around 6 months.... ... (2 replies)
... prune juice and water mixed. his weight has barely budged over the last 6 weeks he has not even gained a pound he is so active rolling and throwing himself all over the place in his bouncer lol. ... (8 replies)
7 months?
Oct 3, 2006
... Well, I need to keep in mind my son was three weeks early but..he's seven months old and he can: Sit unsupported for short periods of time plays with toys, reachs out for ones and scoots to get to them trying to crawl already! Yikes. He gets on all fours and lunges forward lol. Stands when holding onto table and can pull himself up when he falls tries to feed himself... (3 replies)
5-6 month olds
Dec 15, 2005
... We went to the Dr yesterday for 6month visit. The nurse told us that at 6 months most babies start spitting up more. Because they are moving more, eating more at a time. ... (34 replies)
... nd it is to eat. He used to take a pacifier but now he screams for his bottle and drinks it too, like he hasn't eaten in a year. Dr told me that he is getting up at night to eat because he is not taking in enough during the day. ... (5 replies)
... At six months I was feeding cereal at least once a day and babyfood atleast once a day. I usually put a little fruit in the cereal. ... (2 replies)
2 Questions
Oct 28, 2005
... months old..she had a lot of gas. She held her head up quickly, so she was eating cereal at about 3 months.. ... (8 replies)
... d. Milk is still much more important and should provide the bulk of their nutrition so don't worry if they don't want much of the solids after a milk feed. Until 6 months they don't need anything but the milk. Solids only need to be given if they are still hungry after a milk feed. ... (8 replies)
... her not sleeping is a combination of changes. Her growing, me going back to work, having daddy and grandma care for her during the day, etc. Lots of changes all at once! ... (14 replies)
... hours till he was 4.5 months old. Then he started waking more and cut his first teeth!!! ... (10 replies)
... solids. By that time they're able to move the food, with their tongue, from front to back without pushing it out. Trying to force feed an infant with a strong tongue thrust reflux can result in choking, but mostly it's an indication that they're only able to drink, not eat. ... (9 replies)
... Waking up twice at 12 weeks is really good. What we did at that age for him to sleep though was... we fed him at 4 and 6. Then woke him up at 10 pm for a night feed. Didn't REALLY wake him, just fed him half asleep in the dark. ... (18 replies)

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