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Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
... responding back to your post and this is my last one because I have a six month old to take care of and don't have much time for this, but I believe this is important, so I'm going to respond. ... (21 replies)
Baby cereal
Aug 11, 2006
... months, is that their digestive systems are much more mature then that of a 4 month olds. ... (21 replies)
... jarred food or cereal of any kind till 6 months.My daughter's GP told me to give her jarred food at 4 months. ... (12 replies)

... I'm going through the same argument with my mother in law. At my sons one month appointment I asked the doctor about it and he said that babies aren't suppose to get solid foods until three months of age. ... (19 replies)
Rice cereal?
Nov 2, 2010
... p or vomit if he ate just the formula because it was too much liquid, and he would be hungry just an hour later even with a 6 or 8 oz bottle. he started teething at 7weeks. ... (6 replies)
... This past Saturday I started feeding my 6 month old DD a 3rd solid feeding per day, previously she was getting 2 solid feedings per day which for about a month. ... (2 replies)
... Well, I have a five month old daughter of my own. She has one tooth half way in and another one that just burst through her gums. Her teeth do bother her at night, and I give her orajel to numb the pain, and sometimes tylenol to help it stay away for a while. ... (10 replies)
... he car. Fortunately the weather here has been very nice and my windows are black in back of my car so I can nurse comfortable in the back seat. I will also nurse at the dr office. The only public places I have done it is restaruants. ... (6 replies)
... ution, and how our food is grown and processed. And also your own immune system as to why people develop them... But that's not scientific fact! Just take a look at the differences in this world though, from 50 years ago, to today, and the amount of allergies being seen in kids and babies. It's really sad. ... (6 replies)
... Anyway, my little man will be four months on Sunday! i can't beleive it, I keep looking at him in the swing and how he is so long his feet hang out, and remembering that when we brought him home it swallowed him whole! ... (33 replies)
... but he was eating more than 32oz of formula and would still be hungry. he has been advanced in physical an mental developement since birth. he held up his head at the hospital and was using a jumparoo by 6weeks. teething since 7weeks. he is very healthy and happy. ... (2 replies)
... expert" opinions change ALL the time, so yeah, it's hard to know what to believe anymore! just remember that all babies are different and there really isn't any one right answer here. ... (3 replies)
... hearing that cry when they get poked. I mean you hear them cry all day, but that cry is so different, it kills me! Fortunately it passes quickly. My "little" one is off the charts for height and weight. 27 inches and 16lbs 12oz! I knew she was looking really long to me. ... (11 replies)
15 month old food?
Apr 24, 2010
... Your 15 month old could most definately be starting to eat some table foods. Anything soft or small so she can swollow it without choking. I am assuming your baby has a couple teeth by now and is sitting upright in a highchair. ... (2 replies)
... By 7 months, I think my baby was eating a number 2 jar at breakfast and a number 2 jar at dinner. Occasionally I mixed cereal with her jars, but not often because she never seemed to need it. As far as her bottles went.... ... (10 replies)
Jun 27, 2006
... This morning I was feeding her breakfast and she threw the entire bowl of cereal at me. ... (5 replies)
... He USED to sleep wonderfully but that awful 4 month mark hit and he's decided he doesn't like to sleep. Some nights he's up every hour. ... (1 replies)
... in long. At his 2 month appointment he weighed 15 lbs 9 oz and was 24 in long. OMG!!!!!!!! ... (27 replies)
... I pumped about 3 ounces of milk and mixed it with one tablespoon of was the "Nestle Starter" rice cereal and it was really quite runny, it's supposed to be like that, the better they get at their spoon feeding, the thicker you can make the cereal on a gradual basis. ... (466 replies)
... ctice they get better, especially if dinner is something they relly like. Kaden sometimes doesn't even give me a chance to fill the spoon again and he is yelling at me that I'm not going fast enough. ... (466 replies)

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