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... all he did was cry and I had to pick him up per Ferber when it went too long. ... (7 replies)
... It's nap time I struggle with. Frankly I don't care if he naps as long as he's not cranky and crying alot. But he does to some extent so naps can be a sticking point. ... (3 replies)
... I have also adopted the method of "Crying It Out". But we only do this for his bed time. Since I'm not with him during the day for naps, the daycare said they can just lay him down and he goes to sleep (this never works for me on the weekends!!! lol) But we have the same routine every night, He eats, gets bathed, we play for a little bit, then at about 9:30, its bed time. Now... (7 replies)

... mins. Both during naps and at night. We couldn't take it anymore. ... (3 replies)
... but she insisted that I try a loose schedule of food and naps so DD can predict them, even if it's not at the same time every day. ... (16 replies)
Letting baby cry
Oct 17, 2008
... since start of August, when he was 5 mos. We did the Ferber and it's been good. Been great as far as overnight sleeping. He generally will sleep 9 hrs straight. ... (11 replies)
... little too young to let them cry it out, but for the poster whose baby is 5 months, I highly recommend the book Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber if all else fails and you can't get them to fall alseep without crying or screaming bloody murder. ... (9 replies)
... Sometimes, she's good about laying down and going to sleep and other times not...this is probably because she doesn't have consistent naps and almost never naps in her crib. So, I still find myself rocking her at times, when she's really upset about going to bed. I know, this is bad!!! ... (6 replies)
... If you do not respond to his crys he will learn to mistrust. Please, do not let him cry. If you feel like you need to do the CIO down the road, get a book like Ferber and follow his plan. I do feel any consistant sleep plan will get a baby to sleep if you are consistant, you do not have to let them CIO. ... (21 replies)
Letting baby cry
Oct 17, 2008
... we do the ferber method at night...and Im trying during the I said I know when they are tired.....they would just cry and rub there eyes and nothing I do helps them. ... (11 replies)
... I've found that just when I think my DD (4 months today) is in a regular pattern of sleep... it changes! In the past week she started taking a nap at 5 pm for 30-45 minutes, staying up about an hour, then off to bed until 3am, when she wants to eat a 6oz bottle. This is different than last week when she went to bed at 5:30 to 6 pm and slept for 5-7 hours before waking up. She... (5 replies)
... I rock my little man as well and I LOVE it! He just looks up at me with a huge smile on his face and he is so happy. Luckily, my ds just takes naps and goes down at night without any problem or me doin anything, but sometimes during the day I hve to soothe him by rocking him to sleep. ... (14 replies)
... DD is still on just breastmilk as where I am they don't recommend weaning until 6 months. However the main problem with CIO, or even the Ferber controlled crying method is that I find crying and screaming exceptionally upsetting. ... (16 replies)
... My BF DS woke every 1 1/2 to 2 hours per night until he was 6 months old. I then night weaned him from BFing and he finally slept. I say hang in there. You are getting some sleep if he is sleeping 5 hours at a time. That's great! That's considered sleeping through the night. He seems to be a good sleeper not a bad sleeper. Waking every 2 hours is an absoloute nightmare. I was... (12 replies)

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