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... Just a suggestion here but by treating a low grade fever like he has been having you are kind of 'defeating" the natural course of things.when the body has a fever it is its way of heating up to help destroy the the virus or some sort of bactreial thing?this should be let to run its course a bit and realistically not really treat with any tylenol unless the fever... (10 replies)
Son is sick
Feb 18, 2006
... It tastes so much better, and it works better too, and they have it in all different forms, ie, decongestant, etc. I have heard of high fevers that lasted a long time, but as long as your doctor knows, he will be fine. It's just the natural way of fighting whatever he's got. ... (6 replies)
... High fever in a child under 12 months lasting longer than 96 hours normally will be prescribed an antibiotic, just in case, even though high fevers are usually viral rather than bacterial. ... (7 replies)

... tory so if she has swelling from teething it really won't help much. Motrin IS an anti inflamatory and will help a bunch. Pediatricians say that babies don't get fevers from teething but I'm here to tell you that all three of mine did! Good luck. ... (7 replies)
... babies temps can run as high as 100.5 (and adults 100.2) without it being a "fever" So, a little higher temp isn't really a big deal. But, when it starts to get up to 101 and stuff like that, it needs some attention, I think going to the dr was the right thing. Teething can cause fevers, although the drs will say that it doesn't. But it shouldn't last that long and be... (7 replies)
... DD's normal temp is 99.2. I was told when the temps are in those low ranges it is usually a virus but one time for us it was teeth. Giving baths helps with fevers too. ... (7 replies)
... The order that they say they are supposed to come in is just the most common way. DS had his bicuspits in just after his top two and bottom three and looked like a vampire. He finnally got his forth tooth just before his molars and it was the worst ever w/ fevers and rashes. His Dr. told me it was a virus and I missed 2 days of work for that little bugger. A boy at the... (4 replies)
Teething relief
Nov 26, 2005
... Thats some symptoms and excessive drool sometimes rashes or light fevers though you should have your Dr take a look just in case (even though mine thought DS had a virus but it was a molar). (13 replies)
Teething relief
Nov 22, 2005
... Hi everyone, :wave: DD is cutting her two bottom teeth at the same time. She is being so go but having a hard time sleeping. Her gums are so red they look bruised. I never gave DS orajel because I don't really like the ingredients but I felt so bad I gave her some. I think it worked about 5 minutes anyway before she drooled it away. She is only 5 months and you should only... (13 replies)
... Well we talked to nurse and just decided to wait it out, and today he is fine. I was worried that he might be getting an ear infection (he was rubbing his head behind his ear, but not actually his ear). Ear infections will clear up on their own? I thought that he would need anitbiotics for that...hmmm. The nurse said to give him tylenol evey 4hrs and then switch it with... (6 replies)
... s to wear off. I would not even give Tylenol unless he is acting really crabby and you feel like you want to make him more comfortable. I feel people worry about fevers too much. It is just the bodying fighting off something. I'd let the fever do it's job. ... (6 replies)
Oct 15, 2005
... What are some symtoms that your babies have had while teething? I always read that fevers cold symtoms and rashes are not related but DS almost always had them w/ each tooth. Also did anyones baby not get the usual two bottom front teeth first? (5 replies)
... Oh well they finally called me after waiting 3 hours. Said not to bring her in. Hopefully her fevers will go down :/ (15 replies)
... Took my daughter to the ER Saturday morning she had a 101 fever and was just laying there whimpering. Saturday night she wouldn't sleep til 11 30 at night. Sunday she was a little cranky and had a small 101 fever again. Well this Morning at 3 30 am I checked on her and she was just burning up. I checked her temp and it was 102.1 so I layed down with her for a while and she... (15 replies)

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