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... What is the flouride supposed to do? ... (11 replies)
... erstand how it was ok to use city water unboiled with all the nasty stuff they find in it! Anyway, she is going to give us a kit to make sure that it has enough flouride in it, adn if not we can use drops at 6 months. ... (11 replies)
... We use the city tap water to make formula. The pediatrician said it was fine and the flouride is good for them. If we had well water, we would need to use bottled water and flouride drops. ... (11 replies)

... I use Nursery need to boil, and it has flouride in it. I have never had a problem. Once when I was out I ran out of nursery water, and had to use bottled, DS didn't have a problem with that either. ... (11 replies)
... i went to our tap water. he seems to be fine and I know there is flouride in it. also, we give him bottled water when we are out and i don't think it is a problem. ... (11 replies)
... I just went out and bought one of them filters you attach to the sink to make formula. It was so much eayser! You can ask the Dr to check if your water is ok, b/c i know my dr said my water wanst and that i should give my kids flouride drops (11 replies)
... I wonder if the flouride is bothering my son's stomach. We accidently used tap water for 2 pitchers in a row of his formula and he seemed like his tummy did not bother him as much. ... (11 replies)
... You will know the difference between diarhea and runny poop. Diarhea will be really watery. And yes, fluoride can cause GI problems. (11 replies)
... nd our dentist said three to four years old unless there are problems. We have three children. We brushed their teeth from the time they got one and we do have flouride in our water supply, which I think helps a lot. ... (8 replies)
... We have well water. I never thought twice about using it. Is there contraversy in this? Also, does that mean I need to give fluoride supplement? This is all new to me, never heard about the water before. What is best for making formula??? (11 replies)
... I've done research and found out that tap water is fine for a baby to have. It's good that there is floride in it. (11 replies)
... Anyone know if it's okay to go back and forth between city tap water and the filtered water you get out of your fridge? Which one is better? Will it make him sick to go back and forth? I never thought which water you used was a big deal... (11 replies)
... My son woke up this morning at 4am with his tummy really bothering him. He just needed to fart and poop. But he pooped like all morning it seems like. That and passed gas. It was painful enough to keep him awake. I got the ok to change formulas but i was holding off because it seems like he has been getting better with it. We were having a problem burping him before and... (11 replies)
... r child and it is your choice on what you give to him or her. I think that mothers or in laws should respect what you want to do as the childs mother. I had some problems with my mother in law when my little was first born. I know how much of a problem that can be. ... (6 replies)
... The doctor said it's okay to make formula with city water and it's actually good for them because it has flouride in it, but I didn't think to ask about boiling it. That seems like such a hassle. If it's necessary, is there a trick to make it easy? ... (6 replies)

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