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... Your sister appears to be cranky and sleep deprived. Anyone with a baby can identify with that. I disagree with "forcing" a 6 week old baby to stay awake during the day. The baby should also definately be put to bed before midnight. It would be best to get a sleep and nap schedule set up. ... (12 replies)
... My sister has been forcing her 6 week old baby to stay awake until midnight every night. When her baby tries to sleep in the evening, she purposely wakes her up again and again. ... (12 replies)
... From my experience, when they are that young, forcing them to stay awake can actually make their sleeping habits worse than if they are allowed to sleep when they need it. As someone already said, newborns need a lot of sleep, and should be allowed to sleep when they need to. ... (12 replies)

... I have never believed in keeping a sleepy baby awake. ... (12 replies)
... nto This World Tell Her To Drink Some Coffee And Roll With The Punches It Doesnt Last That Long And If She Wants Her Baby To Grow Up With A Strong Brain Let That Baby Sleep Sorry To Go Off But I Hear That Kindof Stuff Sometimes I Do Hair And I Just Think That Is Cruel And So Does My Ped. ... (12 replies)
... do you have plunket or some other parenting organization that you could go to and gather some information on how often baby should sleep, how often they should wake for feeds etc and give the info to your sister to read.. ... (12 replies)
... A baby can't be expected to sleep though the night until at least 10 weeks. Your sister has some unrealistic expectations. ... (12 replies)
... some babies sleep up to 6 by 6 weeks, but not many! ... (12 replies)
... I disagree with a few of Nancys recommendations. You are to not let a baby sleep in a swing or carseat. These are actually not allowed to happen in many day cares, one of which I work for. Swings are bad for babies anyway. Only ones that go from side to side are okay not back and forth. ... (12 replies)
... Yeah your sister is extremely selfish. That poor baby is tired and needs to sleep. I was only 21 when I had my son and wasn't used to the whole baby thing but I would never dare keep him from sleeping. ... (12 replies)
... I agree that your sister's behavior is abusive. She might need some professional help. She needs to have more respect for the life she's been given to look after. Babies are not machines, they are delicate creatures. Waking a sleepy baby repeatedly is sick and dangerous. ... (12 replies)
... That is absolutely horrible. I would consider such behavior abuse. The baby being cranky due to no sleep is the least of anyone's worries. Infants need their sleep for mental developement. ... (12 replies)
... I was wondering when someone was gonna reply to this stating that it is considered abuse. I know she's family, but when it comes to children they are more than just family. I always worried if my child was getting enough sleep and I stayed up most of the night to make sure she did at first. ... (12 replies)
... First of all, let me update everyone on my post 'Forcing a baby to stay awake.' My sister has gotten better about letting her daughter sleep. ... (14 replies)
... these are babies. They will be determining your schedule for quite a while. If mine get on a schedule in the near future, great, but I'm definitely not forcing it. Mine are 3 months and I personally still think they are way too young to force a schedule. ... (5 replies)

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