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... how to introduce formula to breastfed babies and is it ok to introduce formula at 17 weeks? ... (1 replies)
... yes, formula fed babies can need water if they get dehydrated, but breastfed babies certainly don't. My DD is breastfed and I didn't start giving her any water until we were well established on solids at around 6 months. ... (7 replies)
... o choose the time of day she was most hungry so she would take it with out a fuss. She LOVED the bottle right away, so I ended up weaning her quite quickly. All babies are different, it may take time to find what works for you. you could also pump some milk and put it in bottle so she get used to the bottle first. ... (1 replies)

... are you formula feeding? ... (10 replies)
... I don't know about breastfed babies I don't think they need water. ... (7 replies)
... Don't force the formula! Try goats milk. It's what I used in conjunction with breast feeding. If you really want the formula, try at bedtime mixed with some mashed up fruits and/or vegetables so that your girl goes to sleep on a full stomach. Hope that helps! Good luck. :) (3 replies)
... also. The thing is im so tired of breastfeeding, i havent had a break and my back hurts and im getting exhausted, also she still wakes up at nights too feed, Do formula fed babies do that also at 7 months ? ... (3 replies)
Is it the formula?
Feb 21, 2006
... Breastfed babies poop a lot more. Sounds like it could be the formula. Is he always fussy or is he being fussy when you try to nurse him. Many babies get fussy when they've gotten used to the ease of sucking on a bottle. ... (7 replies)
... As far as formula baby's are concerned.. I have no idea, but if you're breastfeeding definitely stay away from water until solids are big part of baby's diet. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, absolutely. And what your baby is drinking is NORMAL for a breastfed infant. 30ml's is about 1 ounce. My daughter, at 9 months old, has NEVER drank more then 2 ounces from a bottle in her entire life. ... (5 replies)
... I would assume it would be at least that timeframe for breastfed babies. It sounds like that's normal, as frustrating as it is to be up every night in the middle of the night. I can sympathize if that helps any. ... (14 replies)
... Breastfed babies and formula fed babies have much different bowel movements from each other. ... (3 replies)
... I'm not sure why your doctor told you he needs more calories. He is gaining well within the limits for breastfed babies. ... (12 replies)
... Oh, I've been in the EXACT same situation. I put my DS on formula at 3 months. I too had to cut dairy out of my diet when BF'ing. He had the worst gas. Regular formula had him screaming in pain. I switched him to soy, and he was much more comfortable at first. ... (7 replies)
... hours for something to eat. I breastfed him for about 2 months as well and still was not producing enough, so I switched to formula. My biggest mistake with the first 2 was rocking. ... (12 replies)
... Most babies don't have any difficulties if you supplement BFing with formula milk, but it does work on a Supply and Demand basis, so if you supplement with formula you will produce less, whereas if you continue to feed or express, your supply will meet the demands of your baby. ... (8 replies)
... I think 4 months is a bit too soon to be starting veggies. The standards for a formula fed baby is between 5 and 6 months, and 6 months for Breastfed. ... (8 replies)
... It's actually more important for formula babies because formula is so hard on their digestive tract that it can actually damage the lining of the gut, making them more susceptible to allergies. ... (10 replies)
... Breastfed babies have runny, often yellow seedy or curdy stools. This is normal. However, formula fed babies stool is more like that of an adult stool. ... (2 replies)
... pumping and feeding him thriugh a bottle. I am now weaning off the pumping to be done all together. I am on no way going to feel guilty about it. There are many babies who do not get breastfed and are just fine. I believe that BF babies and FF babies both get sick no matter what. ... (3 replies)

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