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... As for the eating..Maybe he's not hungry? ... (132 replies)
... formula. We breastfeed, so he said it's really not necessary for hydration of breastfeeding is going fine. I don't know about formula babies. ... (8 replies)
... night and even fights me off. Therefore i have been expressing milk the past few days for night time feeds but as you can imagine its quite exhausting having to breastfeed during the day and then express in between at least 3 bottles for his night time feeds. ... (250 replies)

... My husband and I are talking about having more children in the near future. I breastfeed my son up until he was two, and though I loved every moment of it, I am considering if I have more children not to breastfeed as long as I did with him. ... (1 replies)
... am. I guess this is better than we he was first born..he was eating every 2 hours and lasting for an hour! ... (466 replies)
... The reason he sleeps better with bottle feeds is because formula milk fills his stomach and is harder for him to digest. ... (9 replies)
... iving him the odd bottle should be a problem. Think about getting a breast pump so daddy can give him the 'real stuff' too. Good luck with it, be patient, call for help if you need it and congratulations both on your baby and for making the effort to breastfeed. If it doesn't work, DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP over it. ... (5 replies)
... until he doesn't want anymore. If you don't pump it says you can use previously boiled and cooled water, but I prefer the breastmilk, it is better for them than the water. ... (466 replies)
... no fussyness, no gas.......just perfectly content. I never breast fed him again and there was never a problem after that. Also, I with my third baby, I tried to breastfeed but I just didn't make enough milk. He was ok with breast milk but not formula. ... (8 replies)
... it's been 3 days and now i'm going to try sweet potatoes tomorrow! Also I'm going to try the Nestle Wheat Cereal...I use the Heinz but haven't seen a wheat one for that lately...I hope he reacts well to it! ... (466 replies)
... Is there anyone who is not breastfeeding.....because my question is, how long did it take you for your milk to dry up? ... (250 replies)
... Hey dizzy, never thought i'd find you here! My boy has AR. He was on zantac, but it made him worse so I took him off. I couldn't breastfeed bc it was so bad. ... (5 replies)
... Just need advice and about SLEEPING for infants. I have a 3 week and 5 day old baby. She is mostly breastfed and I supplement with formula only when needed. You mentioned above that you have a 2 month old that sleeps for 10 hours a night! That is amazing. ... (12 replies)
... I had a horrible time with DD this weekend but i think it was my fault as i breastfeed exclusively now and i think it was something i ate that didnt agree with her AT ALL. The whole weekend she was fussy and crying and not sleeping well at all. ... (250 replies)
... And what if i just breastfeed him and then maybe an hour later offer him some cereal? ... (466 replies)
... t birth and was odd in that she never lost any weight from her birth weight. At 1 week she weighed 7lbs 6oz and now weighs just under 12 lbs at 3 months. She was breastfeed for the first week and after trying every formula almost on the market has been on Enfamil Nutramigen for a month. ... (17 replies)
... Ok yeah, Tala stinks big time. She has always had a lot of gas and she is formula feed, which I understand makes it worse. My boyfriend is always saying he can smell her farts a good 30 minutes after she lets one. ... (466 replies)
... ounces doesn't sound like a lot to me either, since babies eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full, and if she's not full at 3 ounces, most doctors would tell you to let her keep eating. ... (24 replies)
... It's really pretty rare to not be able to produce milk. There is usually a reason for why we have troubles. For me it was a very medicalized birth and traumatic delivery. ... (14 replies)
... feeding with my first and would have chosen formula with my 2nd anyway. ... (12 replies)

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