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... Well we had Christmas pictures taken on Sunday, we all wore black, red and cream, it looked really nice, but man it was hard to get both kids to look the same direction and smile at the same time. ... (466 replies)
Pooping problems
Nov 23, 2006
... s muscles and anus. Then massage his tummy with the towel when your drying him keeping him relaxed and talk to him soothly. This will help him go when its really hard for him to if you need to push his knees to his chest slowly and sloly put them back down a couple of times. ... (3 replies)
Premature Twins
May 26, 2008
... was born at 35 weeks. While in the hospital, we were told that she was jaundice, failed her hearing test on 1 side, had a medium sized hole in her heart, and had water on her kidneys! Seriously...I was about at the top of my stress level because I was so worried for her. Turned out...the tech was wrong... ... (11 replies)

Cup feeding
Jul 21, 2007
... when he first starts out. I comes out much faster than they are used to when it doesn't have the attachment in it. But like I said, they don't know to suck that hard when the attachment is in, so they don't know there is anything in there. ... (8 replies)
... once a day. If you're having gas issues, put more water than juice. From about 3 months to about 10 months, she also had a dose of Citrucel added to her juice bottle as well. ... (4 replies)
Pooping problems
Nov 19, 2006
... t this age for him to do it, some relatives had the same problem and its because its new to them that they actually got to push, but i dont think it should be as hard as it is, if he is still this way tomorrow afternoon im calling the ped. ... (3 replies)
... he grunted, lifted his legs to his tummy and pushed hard! LOL. My poor little boy use to have such a hard time going and would always be popping blood vessels in his eyes. He would go maybe every two to three days. ... (7 replies)
... As for heating bottles, i just use the old standing in a saucepan of boiling water technique. This way i know the vitamins in the formula are not killed as they can in a microwave. The electric warmers look good, but i think they can be expensive. ... (5 replies)
... I would suggest to put the juice in a sippy cup. My older son had juice in a bottle... He had major dental work when he was 3 years old. I had to learn the hard way. Just a suggestion...... I'm afraid to even give juice to my dd. She gets water in her sippy cup with her meals! ... (4 replies)
... a. Also mixing in cereal in the bottle will cause her to get full alot faster so she probably wont be taking in the amount of milk that she needs. It can also be hard for them to swallow and cause alot of problems. When your baby is ready for rice cereal I suggest not putting in a bottle, just water it down and spoon feed! ... (11 replies)
Help I cant sleep!
May 15, 2006
... awhile. My ds still wakes up occasionally. Ped told me the same thing about the nighttime feedings to cut them out or if I have to either give VERY watered down formula or plain water then he's less likely to want it all the time. ... (11 replies)
... i know it is real hard to post as often as iw ould like ds is very windy and cries with tummy pains but mostly at night i have some gripe water which seems to help him. ... (85 replies)
... r too much solids...she wouldn't want breastmilk if she was too full...and afraid I'd lose more of my milk supply than I already have. That's why I didn't try to hard to fill her up with solids. ... (12 replies)
... MONTH old today can you believe it! Holy Moly that flew by! he was wide awake today for the first time and even cooing it is sooo cute! His poop has been kinda hard latley since the formula change.. ... (43 replies)
... hard spout, soft spout, handles, no handles, no spout, etc. I've put formula, I've tried juice, and also water and he just wants to play with the cup. He's not attached to his bottle because once he's done drinking, that's it. ... (10 replies)
... Failure to thrive is one of the symptoms. DS is within the 50th percentile and that's with lots of hard work on our behalf. Digestive enzymes to help him digest his food properly, otherwise it just runs right thru him. ... (4 replies)
Baby BMs
Jun 21, 2005
... rd. DD goes a day or two in between poops and she is the QUEEN of gas!! But it doesn't bother her. Look into your diet if you're nursing, or perhaps try a soy formula if you're bottle feeding. You could also try the OTC gas drops or a product called Gripe Water. ... (5 replies)
... I've been though this stage with my little boy. It does sound like colic. I'm breastfeeding so I can't offer any help with the formula issue. Is he burping good after feeding? ... (5 replies)

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