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... vomit to come up through the nose. It's a sign or reflux, allergy or both. DS would projectile vomit. It came out anywhere it could get through, including the nose. He was apparantly allergic to milk. Well, first the dr said intolerant, but he reacts to a lot of other things, so we think maybe an actual allergy now. ... (2 replies)
... I think I shall ask his ped about zantac and reglan.....I have been mixing the cereal with his formula, and although he is spitting up less through the nose, he seems to be spitting up more through the mouth....and he seems more irritable. ... (8 replies)
... It really does sound like reflux. Don't worry they grow out of it. My doctor told me to do the rice thing to. They also put her on meds zantac and reglan. I think that the rice cereal also helped with her sleeping through the night. ... (8 replies)

Spitting up.
Apr 4, 2006
... up a lot and was extremely gassy. We had to switch to soy formula. But you BFing, I dont know what to tell you. Its completely normal for babies to spit up, even out the nose seeing as to how the anatomy is all connected. If it occurs often, it may be something you want to talk with the pediatrician about. ... (8 replies)
Spitting up.
Apr 3, 2006
... My DD is 2 weeks old and is breast fed exclusively. She got a bottle of formula while in the hospital and spat up, but other then that she has never spat up breast milk before... until Saturday. ... (8 replies)
... If you could find out the name of that medicine, I would appreciate it. Our daughter is on Axid, and it seems to be helping a little already, but she hates the taste. ... (10 replies)
... er diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. All we know is that until he was put on Nutramigen EVERYTHING he ate went in his mouth and within an hour came back up out his nose. I'm talking EVERY drop. ... (19 replies)
... Oh, well I guess that makes sense. But he was having projectile vomiting with BM. Literally, there was like 1 teaspoon in the whole bottle and it all came back up, out his nose and everything. Could he really get a lactose buildup from that small an amount of formula? ... (19 replies)
... My 8.5 month old has a top tooth poking through. She also has a runny nose. No fever. It has been very difficult getting her to drink from the bottle. ... (2 replies)
... weeks his nose has been stuffy. last week he had a miserable cold, but he is still stuffy after he is better. ... (5 replies)
... y wife was constantly giving her suppositories and the doctor suggested juice in her formula, but my wife wasn't comfortable with that because our DD would bring the formula up so fast it would come out of her nose and she would begin choking. ... (7 replies)
... Well, I can definitely sympathyze with the massive explosions. My little one wasn't quite as early as that. We opted to deliver him at 34 weeks due to unexplainable heart variables. ... (7 replies)
... The doctor figured it out because he always had a runny nose and VERY dry skin. Once he gone to the soy, his skin and runny nose cleared right up. I'm not sure what the diarrhea could be caused by. I would talk to your doctor though, because you don't want that to continue. ... (7 replies)
... aspirating what she is refluxing up. She keeps getting choked on seemingly nothing way after eating, and she is spitting up a lot. She had a thickened place in the middle of both of her lungs, so they are worried about that and she has to have the barium thing on Monday. ... (10 replies)
... With my first son I started at 4 months on the nose, mainly because I was excited to be starting the next stage! 17 months later when my second son was born, I waited until the 6 month mark. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for the response. I will definitely consider nutramigen, but I do want to give soy a fair chance first. ... (5 replies)
... can be considered fixing the problem at the root of the cause. ... (9 replies)
... It's entirely possible. The ecoli thing is sort of worrisome, but I don't have any experience with that, except that any infection can affect weight gain, and not just in new newborns! ... (5 replies)
... I asked my dr. about this illness all the time. Roughly what she said was Yes in order to become "immune" is to be exposed. 2nd exposer isnt "as" bad BUT the body works to fight it faster. ... (13 replies)
... DD has gotten into this slapping thing, and it hurts!! I know she's not being mean, it's just a new sensory experience for her, she does it to everything around the house. ... (6 replies)

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