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... tsp. of formula into my breastmilk. This was done to fortify the milk, he was a preemie. ... (5 replies)
... eastfed DS for about 2 months. When I switched him at first he had about the same number of BMs but did start to get a rash. He actually ended up with a fungal rash that required a doctor's visit, a prescription antifungal, and 2 weeks to clear up. ... (5 replies)
... Okay, well this is only day 2 of Alimentum. The rash is already showing clearing signs!!! HOWEVER....I am wondering if it is the formula or if my new found "technique" of rash fighting! LOL! ... (11 replies)

... poor baby! diaper rashes are just awful! is formula the only new thing you've used with him lately? ... (10 replies)
Oct 30, 2007
... ll if it's healthier I ought to use apple juice. I mixed it up and he ate it. He got a total of about 2 tablespoons between 2 feedings. Last night I noticed a rash starting to appear on his face and in his diaper area. ... (3 replies)
... Okay a week ago (today), my son woke up with a MAJOR diaper rash. I have tried the following....different diapers, wipes, no wipes (washclothes), desitin, triple antibiotic, hydrocortisone cream, soaking baths, bare bottom, doctor prescribed: bactroban and Nystatin cream. I am now currently trying triple paste and baby cornstarch powder. I am at my wits end, it is so bad that... (10 replies)
... ounces whole milk, and gradually changed the ratio in her bottle to now 2 ounces formula and 4 ounces whole milk. ... (0 replies)
Oct 30, 2007
... if not, then I would discontinue both of them and just stick to formula for about a week or until the rash disappears fully. ... (3 replies)
Oct 30, 2007
... I have just never heard of an oral one. That would be a MUCH easier way to give them! LOL! I hope his rash gets better. And if you just give a call to your doc, it may help. ... (3 replies)
... and has terrible diaper rash. Is this normal when starting formula after breastfeeding? ... (5 replies)
... ell finally! I have found someone who listens and cares! The ped gastro that is 3 hours away is so nice, and she said that I have been struggling with this whole rash situation long think!!! LOL! ... (11 replies)
Bad Diaper Rash
Sep 7, 2007
... ly. We are strictly budgeted! So, that was the end of nursing...and it may have been for nothing! Which I am angry about. Funny thing is that he didn't have this rash until he started the formula. I am tempted to use my back supply that is frozen to see if that helps to clear it. BUT I don't want to confuse his body too much. ... (25 replies)
Bad Diaper Rash
Aug 31, 2007
... Thanks for the ideas everyone. I've thought about the triple paste. Unfortunately, all extra funds go to formula (Nutramigen + we weren't planning to formula feed :( ) and we don't qualify for WIC. As far as cornstarch, that's the kind of baby powder I use, I won't use talcum powder. The dust is so fine it can be inhaled and cause lung problems. I really don't mind cloth... (25 replies)
Bad Diaper Rash
Aug 30, 2007
... often I'd be better off giving him a bed pan, lol. I change him as SOON as he dirties himself, which is upward of 12 times a day. Ever since he got switched to formula he can't STAND a dirty diaper. I wonder if its the change from breastmilk to formula that's causing this rash. Well, I hope it gets better soon. ... (25 replies)
Rash everywhere
Aug 23, 2005
... DD had that too and other problems until I changed her formula and finally it all went away. It could be a number of things. ... (6 replies)
... c all of the protein that are in it are VERY broken down. I would give this formula at least a week, if not 2. Usually it takes about 2 weeks to completley take effect. ... (4 replies)
Bad Diaper Rash
Sep 5, 2007
... since the rash started...I have used Viva paper towels, as I kept running the washer for a few washclothes! ... (25 replies)
... or the formula. I don't know what to do if it is the formula!! Like I said he is on the Nutramagin formula and it costs 25 dollars per can....then next step is 50 dollars. So, I am praying that we can do this without switching! Thanks again for all the advice. ... (10 replies)
... fe was constantly giving her suppositories and the doctor suggested juice in her formula, but my wife wasn't comfortable with that because our DD would bring the formula up so fast it would come out of her nose and she would begin choking. ... (7 replies)
... Obviously consult a Dr, but here is what I did. I had the same problem. First off, I put a scoop of formula per ounce of food she was eating into her food. I mixed it up in a bowl and fed it to her. ... (4 replies)

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