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... hi...well, yesterday she had the most amount of poop she's ever had-8 dirty diapers...small amounts at times with mucous but still...a dirty diaper. diaper rash is really bad now-our first experience with this as well! so, i've read that soy will help any irriatated colon to 'calm down' so we bought some last night and she drank it without realizing it was any different... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your replies! I looked some things up on the internet about constipation and read that I should try butter in her formula. I did that yesterday but it didn't seem to help, now I'm trying prune juice. For her butt, I have done Butt paste, but noticed no difference. I will have a doctor look at it. What does yeast look like on a baby? (13 replies)
... i was just responding to you other post and had asked if his rash had gotten any better yet.... i am so sorry to hear that it hasn't! ... (3 replies)

... formula for extra calories and even the small amount of formula in the milk was enough to do it. ... (19 replies)
Good Results
Oct 5, 2007
... His doctor brought up formula herself and said that we'd leave that alone. ... (3 replies)
Medicine question
Sep 28, 2008
... Frequently, a rash like that is the result of an allergy. Is he breast fed or formula fed? ... (5 replies)
... ence. My sister in law used to always mix her daughter's with formula. Your best bet is to call the pediatrician. I know when my son was having a problem with formula he was throwing up and had a face rash, not hives, just a rash. ... (15 replies)
... every cream on the market! Nothing worked, and I finally talked my gastro into switching formulas. I switched to the Alimentum, and the rash cleared within a week! He is less gassy, fussy and upset. Back then, I could literally feel the gas working in his tummy, and now, nothing. ... (9 replies)
Oct 2, 2007
... c his rash is all but gone! I have also been trying the "hair dryer" technique with every diaper change. ... (4 replies)
... Another thing to consider is that Nutramigen is known for causing horrible diaper rash in infants. Doctors dismiss this fact the same way they dismiss fevers with teething. ... (19 replies)
... got the rash, he was just starting the nutramigen. Sigh. I am calling the doc today to get him in tomorrow and to get the referral to the derma. I just want this rash gone, and to not have him scream when I change him anymore! ... (3 replies)
... she got what looked like a terrible diaper rash from it. We saw a pediatric GI and he told us it was definitely her reacting to the formula. ... (11 replies)
... What we found out was he was spitting up tons of formula after about the 2 month because we were giving him 'MILK BASED' formula! ... (6 replies)
... inations did this. But she had no fever, no itching, didnt seem to be bothered by it. Over several days it went away. Then several days ago, she suddenly got the rash again all over her body, but did not have anymore vaccinations. So this is why I think maybe that has nothing to do with it. ... (3 replies)
... use on dry skin and you can buy it at almost any drug store. It's not as slick and messy as Vaseline. I used it on my daughter because she had dry skin and heat rash a lot as a baby. ... (8 replies)
... month old son is on Nutramigen and has been gaining weight steadily on this formula for almost two months. Jack was a 'failure to thrive baby', and was finally diagnosed at 4.5 months with a milk protein allergy. ... (19 replies)
Introducing food
Sep 25, 2007
... going to the bathroom. Now she is like clockwork every morning. She seems to be doing well. We are going to introduce a veggie today at lunch since her carrot rash has gone away. I think we will do either squash or sweet potatoes. ... (13 replies)
... I swear we could have the same child! My son is dealing with a horrendous rash right now on the Nutramigen. He didn't get one like this UNTIL he was on it for a few days. Just about 3, hmmmm..... ... (10 replies)
... We opted to deliver him at 34 weeks due to unexplainable heart variables. It turned out to be the right decision, despite the issues going on now. I know the formula is working. He was vomiting and had a rash on his face. ... (7 replies)
Dairy allergy?
Jul 13, 2006
... months now! She is healthy 14 pounds! Although My doc thinks she might have a dairy allergy, She started having mucous in her poop and it smells! I do supplement formula once a day or so, it also had blood streak in it, not lots. ... (2 replies)

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