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... heat rash because I only saw it after we got out of the car but last night my sister was watching her for me and she mentioned that she didn't think it was heat rash but an allergy to Dreft the detergent I used. How would I know if that was it? ... (7 replies)
Blood in stool
Mar 16, 2005
... Last Sat. I noticed my son had some blood in his stool. It was mucusy and just a little bit. I checked his butt to make sure he didn't have a rash and wasn't bleeding anywhere else. I changed 3 poopy diapers and there was a tiny bit of blood in them. ... (4 replies)
... oz per feeding but started getting gassy, and fussy, so we switched the formula to Enfamil's "Gentlease" which has seemed to be ok. ... (7 replies)

Lactating Ladies!
Mar 21, 2006
... We haven't started any solids on doctor's orders till 6 months due to a mild excema rash DS has. Adjustments to diet can cause allergies to worsen. ... (11 replies)
... laylike. He also doesn't go as often and when he does, it really bothers him, and he strains and pushes and then it is explosive! He has also gotten a REALLY bad rash and has had it for over a week. I am not sure if it is from the formula or not, considering it is hypoallergenic. I hope this formula works for your son. ... (7 replies)
... of the car seat she is sweating. I just don't think the air is getting back to her to cool her off like she needs. She gets hot so easy and breaks out with heat rash really easy too. So i really want to turn her around. ... (8 replies)
... ple days he got a rash, which continued to get worse as we kept using the oatmeal. So, I took the oatmeal away and let it clear up. Then I gave it back and the rash came back, along with diarrhea and vomiting, which continued for 2 days after stopping the oatmeal. ... (3 replies)
... from Similac. It is the same, just has a few different ingredients. He is doing well on it. Less gassy and fussy and he had a HORRIBLE rash from the Nutramigen. Something in it wasn't agreeing with him. So, he was switched. ... (19 replies)
Dairy allergy?
Jul 13, 2006
... DS had alot of gas and carried on all the time at first, and we switched him to soy formula and Dr. Browns bottles, and that made all the difference! ... (2 replies)
... Bottles, formula, clothing, crib,( the baby will have grown out of the bassinet within about a month) crib sheets, propper bedding for the crib,or if a crib is too big ticket you can start looking in second hand stores and consignment shops for one of the larger playpens. They are multipurposeful because they are big enough for baby to sleep in and they can move around the... (5 replies)
... awww....poor baby! I am sorry to hear your daughter is feeling sick. First, the rash - it sounds a lot like eczema. Has she been tested for allergies? She could very well be allergic to something. Is she bottle fed? Babies can have an allergic reaction to formula or even something in your breast milk - like eggs, dairy, etc. As far as the other symptoms, is it just the... (9 replies)
Blood in stools
May 9, 2008
... She is breastfed so it isn't a formula issue. Could it be something I ate? ... (1 replies)
... Any chance that somehow power to the freezer got interrupted any other time? DH and I went out of town for 9 days across Christmas. We went grocery shopping when we came home and I went to put the frozen goods away and realized the the surge protector our deep freeze is plugged into had gotten reset, meaning the red power button got flipped. Well, I opened the freezer and... (4 replies)
Night Waking
Jan 5, 2008
... the introduction of veggies. I'm calling his dr Wed to get him in for allergy testing and, hopefully, a reflux med change. Should I just go back to only formula until then, as he was FINE on that? ... (4 replies)
Dec 1, 2007
... but I am still needing to use it on a daily basis. The next step is Similac Alimentum. At first the rash was just on her cheeks but now I am seeing it every where else. ... (10 replies)
... is the culprit. I will keep on thinking that until I am proved wrong! Or, right! Even the pharmacist said it was probably the formula, being that he has had the rash ever since he was switched. I cannot get the gastro OR the ped to side with me on that one. Sigh. It is frustrating. ... (20 replies)
Not eating!?!?!
Sep 3, 2007
... OK, so this sounds odd but it's true and I'm dumbfounded as to what could be going on!:confused: Sorry if this is a long post...First, I want to say that my daughter is a very healthly eater and has gradually been put on a consistent schedule of 6 oz. every 4 hours and she sleeps through the night 7-8 hours no problem. So, I started her on rice about 2 weeks ago (per the... (5 replies)
... just make sure you puree it really well and possibly strain it, because of the tough skin. Applesauce, when I make it myself, always kind of seems to give her a rash around the mouth and also on her tushy, I keep trying every so often though, just so that she will get used to the taste. ... (3 replies)
... I have always used pampers unscented wipes and DS now 20 mths has never had a diaper rash even though he was bottle fed. ... (23 replies)
... Just diarrhea but doc told me to make sure she was getting all the formula first then rice(rice cereal) applesauce, banana's(gets a rash can't have) toast (saltines) and active yogurt (yobaby)to help replenish the bacteria.She isn't better yet but definitly not worse. DS has it now too so I think it 's a bug.We have benn using A&D and powdering the diapers. (4 replies)

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