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... Oh wow, that was funny! I can totally see me doing something like that as well. Yes, lack of sleep makes us all do crazy things. ... (6 replies)
... if he's not getting good restful sleep, he might be getting overly tired, and overly tired babies tend to have a harder time settling into a good restful sleep at night. to solve that, you might try what others here have said and put him in his bed earlier. ... (6 replies)
... t go any faster i tell you, i thought that in the rush of getting out to help his sister that maybe we left him on the pavement sitting in his car seat, so after about a minuite of driving really really fast, both of us going absolutely crazy, something popped in my head and i turned to dh and said...... ... (6 replies)

... right through till about 7am this morning! ... (6 replies)
... I would agree with the previous poster about putting your son to bed earlier. It makes no sense, but for some reason when you put them to bed earlier, they sleep later! ... (6 replies)
... with regard to the cereal in bottles,,, i read online (cause i was considering doing it) that it can be bad for baby as if they choke on it or it goes down the wrong way the cereal can go onto the lungs and cause probs that way, i know lots of people do it but im just a huge worry wort lol the baby monitor we had was an angelcare monitor with a sensor pad ,the parent unit... (6 replies)
... Wow, the things i tried with our son. He is now two and he was the worst sleeper ever. He woke every two hours until he was 4 months old. I learned it was all me! ... (14 replies)
... roar noise that he would make when he was 4 months. We would call him tiger. It was sort of funny sounding but then hearing it constantly was getting old. And when we would go out it was embrassing. ... (5 replies)
... I'm going to try those Highlands Teething Tablets I've heard so much about...They are supposed to be all natural and completely safe and I've heard so much good things about them...any of you used them before? ... (132 replies)
... TO UP EVERY HOUR!!! The night waking is killing me. He too is all of a sudden doing funny arm things except instead of swinging him arm he has taken to grabbing at my face and hitting and poking and pinching. ... (12 replies)
... I wouldn't have found any comfort in it. Funny how certain things being said at certain times evoke different feelings. ... (466 replies)
... I think I'm going to pack the swing up, the last time I put Kaden in it because he wouldn't sleep, I went in about 10 minutes later to find him sitting up and the swing couldn't swing with his weight distributed like that... ... (132 replies)
... I would hate to give you wrong advice so this is what I do, just a suggestion. There is lots of "so called studies" about putting a baby to back to sleep can reduce sids or whatever. My DS is only 2 months old and all I do is put him on his belly to sleep and naps. He loves it and sleeps great. ... (3 replies)
... I have had a few times where I felt so tired that I was frustrated with Kaden's waking up, but I find now that I am going to bed earlier and getting more sleep myself that when he does wake up I am more patient...I am so used to it too that I think it's second nature. ... (132 replies)
... hours. She had a full tummy and dry nappy and she'd even had a dose of calpol incase she was in pain from teething or something. We were rocking her to sleep in our arms and then laying her down and between us we'd had her asleep five times but she woke up and cried every time we put her down. ... (466 replies)
... Most of my family doesn't know that I'm even going through it. I tend to keep things inside. But it's something I'm kinda embarassed about. ... (62 replies)
... Funny how they all end up progressing at about the same speed isn't it? ... (132 replies)
... I don't know if I've been doing full out speed walking...I mean I walk as fast as my little feet will take me, but I don't do the funny walk like I've seen those true speed walkers do...where they look like their hips are out of their sockets. LOL. But I am walking none the less so it is good... ... (466 replies)
... I would'nt worry about holding them too much, I mean they are only this small for short time. ... (43 replies)
... Kiedy, you totally remind me of me! I found my first white hair about a month ago and I told DH it's all the stress he's been causing me that's giving me white hair... ... (466 replies)

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