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... d on it, this also helps it from fusing back again, she told me they should eventually grow out out of it as their penis grows, some I guess take longer then others. ... (18 replies)
... in back off, and it hurt my poor lil man, and he had a ring of white gunk under the fusion, so no, I make sure when I change him and clean him up, that he is not fusing back together again, I don't want him to have to go through that again. ... (14 replies)
... The penis forms as one organ and at birth the foreskin is usually fused to the glans like a fingernail to its finger. ... (6 replies)

... do not pull it back! It will NOT be loose from the penis for a long time yet. I've read somewhere that it's around the age of 10 when it can be pulled back. ... (6 replies)
... to "exercise" his penis foreskin so it wouldn't happen. ... (6 replies)
... Hugs28~ Thanks for the advice. I have been using a&d. He has been crying less often when I change him. Its not as red anymore but the darn thing just wants to keep fusing. I notice with every change the skin looks as if it is ready to fuse again. So I just gently push down with a wipe as I am cleaning him up. So far so good. Yeah, it would have been nice if the hospital gave... (18 replies)
... I don't have a problem with it fusing to the skin though. ... (18 replies)
... It just sounded like some moms were told here to do it to clean their boys penises or to prevent it from fusing where, from my reading it is not necessary, if all is well. So this is the point I wanted to get accross. ... (18 replies)
... have both. I guess I haven't been doing a great job at pulling back on it. Since his doctor visit on Wednesday however, I have been trying to really keep it from fusing again. ... (18 replies)
... If it is still "fusing" together when you are pulling it back with every diaper change, you have to pull it further down. I had the problem with DS and the dr said you have to pull all the foreskin back till you get the whole head out, or till you get the mushroom look. Then put A&D ointment in that groove. This is where it starts to fuse. (18 replies)
... did not have my son circumsised and the instructions with were to pull it back to clean it but not to force it. The foreskin is actually fused to the head of the penis and it stays fused for longer in some children. From what I read, if the foreskin does not pull back it usually isn't anything to worry about. ... (13 replies)
... OK my sons have not been circumised and i had no idea of how to approach this subject. One friend mentioned to me that she used to pull back the foreskin when her son was a baby, i never had this mentioned to me by the health visitor and so i did not do this. When my first son was older around 9/10 i said to his dad to teach him how men go about personal hygiene as i... (6 replies)
... Yes, our ds was circumcised, he is 7 wks old. They told us to treat w/ vaseline for a week to help with healing, but after that no other care was necessary. I don't know why the doctor's and nurses don't tell you this, but as Geoff said below, there is a chance that the foreskin will fuse back. This happened to ds, and my nephew, and my girlfriend's ds. We should have been... (6 replies)
... How old is your son? I have read that we should not pull the foreskin back since it could tear or hurt them. Both my sons are uncircumcised and I just pull the tip back a tiny amount to clean the very tip. But ask your pediatrician. I have also read that the foreskin will loosen up on its own and can take a long time to do so. Is your son having problems going to the... (6 replies)
... if the foreskin is partially fused am I able to pull it back or does a doctor need to do this (6 replies)

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