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... My 4 month old is the same way and she stays fussy all day long. I think a lot of it is due to the fact she's so tired. ... (7 replies)
... I don't use CIO as DS is only a month old right now, but I do let him "fuss it out" as he tends to be somewhat fussy. He only fusses for about 5 minutes of less and then usually stops. ... (12 replies)
... My 12 month old baby boy won't eat more than 5 bites of food. ... (4 replies)

... (10 replies)
... I am a new mom of 5 month old Mason. I really don't know where to start so I am just going to jump into it. Mason is a VERY good baby. ... (10 replies)
... Hi all, my 9 month old daughter is very clingy and has extreme separation anxiety. I am a SAHM so I am pretty much with her all day. ... (1 replies)
... gets hiccups constantly, but with the cereal in it he barely spits up, if he does its a normal amount an nothing bad. he is much happier with it. hes never been fussy an still at 3 months now, with absolutely refuse to drink a bottle that doesnt have any rice in it, he will suck afew times an turn his head. ... (2 replies)
... months old and she has been doing the same thing. ... (1 replies)
... with the first post, i was thinking teeth too, but the straightening his back suggests abdominal discomfort. have you started him on cereal or jar foods yet? if you haven't, you might think about it. he might just be hungry. a lot of babies are ready for cereal and/or jar foods by his age. if you're not ready for spoon feeding yet, you could try just adding a little... (4 replies)
... n the fancy ones are starting to include childrens menus! It's fine, just bring a rattle to keep your little one busy. My ds has always done well and if he got fussy I just held him. I'm no stranger to cold meals, at home or out to eat! ... (14 replies)
... I did go to the doctor yesterday and she said those teeth with be out by the weekend most likely. He got his 4 mo vaccine yesterday and he isn't very fussy at all right now. Weird, huh? ... (12 replies)
... n't a breastfeeder lol, but yes I had a young teether. My first born got her first tooth at 2.5 months old! Talk about freaking out, was wondering why she was so fussy the 3 weeks prior to the tooth popping out! Whoa Baby!!!!! I'm sending some luck your way that you don't get bit!!! ... (9 replies)
... my DD of 10 months has had 2 colds and it really isnt that bad I PROMISE and it is actually good for her to have exposure to these types of "miny viruses" it will help build her imunity... they get kinda fussy and run a little fever (tylenol will take it down) they have a runny nose which can be sucked out with those "sucker" thingies (lol i cant think of what they are... (8 replies)
... It has a very strong odor to it...sometimes a fishy smell. He isn't red at all down there, hasn't acted overly fussy or has shown any signs that there could be an infection. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply! You know, I actually didn't really think that was the problem, but now that you mention it, it very well could be. He has already cut his 2 bottom teeth about 3 weeks ago, so perhaps it's the top teeth getting ready to come in. I do remember him being like this when he was getting his bottom teeth, but it was much more constant--now it seems to be when... (4 replies)
... roxy My son was extremely clingy when he was teething, I couldn't put him down or he'd cry. So definitly he will be very fussy, it does get better, once the teeth are in. (12 replies)
... until about 4 months. Songs, songs, and more songs were kept up sane. ... (7 replies)
... he got sick while I was burping...needless to say it got on me and in my hair and on arm and clothes. I handed him to my friend who was there, and then my 3 year old jumped into my lap and goes "Mommy I peed my pants! ... (1 replies)
... and eats 4 ounces every 3 hours. I have been thinking of upping her to 5 ounces, but after she is finished with the 4 she seems pretty we will wait I suppose and if she starts getting fussy after that initial 4, we will bump her up. ... (7 replies)
... like yours, the frustrations, etc. They were 26 months apart, so my son still needed so much attention when my daughter was born. The last two I've had nearly 4 and 5 years apart, and it's TONS better. ... (11 replies)

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