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Infant Care (up to 18 months old) Board Index


l i ny high fever (33)
lactating ladies #1 (20)
lactose fussy baby (16)
lactose intolerance colic (17)
lactose intolerance in old age (12)
lactose intolerance infant (17)
large rash on stomach and back (47)
large u shaped rash (12)
latching after bottle feeding (12)
late bed time 12 month old (44)
laundry detergent acne (23)
laundry detergent baby he (18)
laundry detergent for sensitive skin (42)
laundry detergent he baby (18)
laundry detergent sensitive skin (72)
laundry detergent to use for babies (10)
lawgirl twins (52)
lay baby on stomach (200)
laying a 4 month old down for naps (12)
laying a 2 week old baby on stomach (11)
laying baby on stomach to sleep (39)
learning to sleep in the crib (30)
leave baby alone (1030)
leave baby alone in room (191)
leave baby alone nap (33)
leave baby overnight (81)
leaving 17 month old to cry (10)
leaving baby alone in crib (18)
leaving baby alone while sleeping (11)
leaving baby overnight (36)
leaving baby to go to wedding (28)
leaving your baby overnight (27)
left intact (368)
left over foreskin (111)
leg bumps (548)
leg going out after c-section (69)
legs are blue purple (61)
legs look purple (138)
length of period after c section (15)
length of period after c-section (15)
length of time for a bottle to sit out (12)
letting 5 month baby sleep in my bed (47)
letting a 7-month-old cry to nap and sleep (15)
letting baby sleep on tummy (25)
levsin gas (27)
lexjude (20)
lifting the baby and bleeding (39)
lifting a baby (632)
lifting after pregnancy (122)
lifting babies (96)
lifting babies all the time (35)
lifting baby (627)
lifting post partum (29)
lifting postpartum (12)
light blood from nose (221)
light sleeper 4 weeks old (27)
light sleeper 7 month old (18)
lip quiver (13)
lip quivering (25)
list of 13 month old food (16)
little bit of blood in stool (236)
little bit of blood in stool is normal (98)
little bump on gum (39)
little bumps on 18 month old (15)
little bumps on 9 month old face (49)
little bumps on baby leg (10)
little bumps on baby legs (23)
little bumps on my daughter (123)
little finger pacifier (14)
little red bumps on face (405)
little red bumps throat (91)
little red dots on one month old (10)
living with an unhappy baby (35)
ll month old - blood in stool (15)
location of baby in stomach (10)
long and thick poop (13)
long bottle formula good (154)
long can formula sit out (55)
long can milk sit out before goes bad (18)
long car ride with an 8 month old (27)
long does take prevacid start working (12)
long first period after delivery (54)
long period after c section (155)
long should 5 month old sleep (550)
longer naps for 10 month old (12)
longer-period after c section (51)
looks like baby is in pain on breast (23)
loose stools and teething (17)
loss of appetite 4 month old (114)
loss of appetite in 4 month old (110)
lost milk breastfeeding (78)
lost post pregnancy weight but still have a belly (11)
lots of bleeding 7 weeks after c-section (16)
lots of bleeding 7 weeks after c-section (16)
lots of mucus in chest (47)
loud throw up noises (14)
low blood sugar in 14 month old (11)
low fever 5 days 6 months old (152)
low fever then rash (190)
lower back is sore from sleeping on stomach (34)
lower head lumps (29)
lower intestinal gas (101)
lower lip quivering (11)
lower quivering lip (11)
lp reflux (28)
lp reflux (28)
lump after a vaccine (11)
lump after injection (80)
lump after shot (106)
lump after vaccine (10)
lump in baby leg (20)
lump in leg after injection (13)
lump in leg after shot (11)
lump in leg from injection (13)
lump in leg from shots (10)
lump in leg shot (16)
lump in muscle leg (108)
lump on leg after injection (14)
lump on leg after vaccinations (10)
lump on the leg after shots (11)
lump underarm pain (28)
lumps after shots (33)
lunch for a 8 month old (392)
lung weezing (18)
luvs rash (11)
lymph nodes under arm pits (20)
lymph nodes underarm pain (24)
lymph pain underarm (35)
lysteria (33)

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